Funny Birthday Invitations

Funny Birthday Invitations
Birthday Invitations

It doesn’t matter how old you are, a birthday party should always be filled with fun and laughter and love.

A birthday is a very special occasion in anybody’s life as it marks the day of your existence on the earth and if you want to throw a party for your friends, then birthday invitations are very important. If you are bored with those ordinary and very common birthday invitation cards, then here is a very different option available to you, that of a funny birthday invitation card.

Truly these funny birthday invitations will make your guests say,” I am definitely going to this party”. You can share a joke, laugh and indulge in some harmless fun with these funny invitation cards.

Here is the list of some of the best funny birthday invitations.

Before Daniel’s mid-life crisis
there is one more year to go.
Let’s celebrate the year before
he turns the Big 4 – 0!!

Meet us at the Pin-Up Bowl
we’ll challenge each other’s skill.
Please join us for pizza and drinks
and bowl a few games if you will.

Let’s gather at 8:30 p.m.
we can begin bowling at nine.
Pray you aren’t on my team
for you, that won’t be so great!

His 40’s are almost here so
let’s ring his 30’s out in style.
On Saturday, September 16th
let’s get together and party for awhile.
Please NO Gifts (Give them to your kid’s instead and say they are from Uncle Dan!!)

Put on those “blue suede shoes”
and get ready to
“Rock Around the Clock”
Russel is 70 !
Join us for a Birthday Sock-Hop
on (5/5/06) “That’ll Be the Day”
at (Danver’s golf club)
The Soda Fountain and Jukebox
will be fired up at (7:30pm)
Poodle skirts and leather
jackets welcome!
The party is bound to be a “hit”
We’ll be “All Shook Up” if you
don’t make it!

Drums roll….bands play.
It’s Rolf’s birthday! He’ll be 64 years old..
So I’ve been told.
One more year to PREPARE
To celebrate this date
I’m giving a dinner party for
Rolf and his mate.
There’ll be food,wine & song.
And Willard is coming along!!

Saturday, July 23, is the date.
8:30 p.m….now don’t be late.

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