Funny Birthday Invitation Messages

Birthday Invitation Card
Birthday Invitation Card

I usually don’t prefer sharing my cakes and sweets with anyone else. But some days are not meant to be yours. I invite you to be my guest on my birthday to share my cake.

Please come to show your love and care for me on as I celebrate my birthday tomorrow.
Bring some gifts for me if are my true friends of mine and bring nothing if you are a fake one.

Birthday Card
Birthday Invitation Messages

We are decorating my house for the birthday party that’s going to take place on [date]. You are invited to ruin it all and make a mess out of it.

A birthday party has been arranged by my Mom and Dad to celebrate my birthday.
So, don’t join us unless you are starving for three days.

I invite you to a birthday party
I invite you to a birthday party

I invite you to a birthday party where drinks are not allowed and bringing birthday presents are mandatory.
Hope you are coming to my birthday party!

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