Friendship Rings

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your best friend? Show your appreciation with our fabulous selection of friendship rings ideas.

Friendship Rings are one of the most beautiful and elegant rings that are exchanged between two persons. Popularly known as promise rings, these rings are a symbol of the commitment and bond shared between two individuals.

Generally a promise or a friendship ring is exchanged between a girlfriend and a boyfriend as a symbol of their love and commitment towards each other.Friendship rings are exchanged before the engagement to show the bond they share between each other.

Promise Rings

Promise Rings

As the name suggests friendship rings or engagement rings are exchanged during the pre-engagement period and is increasingly gaining popularity with more and more friends going for a live in relationship.

This ring becomes the symbol of their promise to stay with each other for a lifetime to come. If two friends are going steady for a while now then the couple can showcase their love for each other with these friendship rings.

One more plus point of the friendship rings or promise rings is that a couple can test their level of commitment for each other as they start taking the relationship a bit more seriously. With different unsuccessful relationships it is better to give time to each other before the wed lock and getting to know each other as good friends.

Personalized Friendship Rings

Silver personalized friendship ring
Personalized Friendship Rings

Personalized friendship rings are quite inexpensive as compared to the other rings like the wedding rings or the engagement rings. So you can always select a silver personalized friendship ring and present it to your dear friend.

How does one wear a promise ring?

Different types of friendship rings
How does one wear a promise ring?

Well there are no hard and fast rules on which finger can a promise ring be worn. However, the finger and the hand you select to wear the ring can determine the type of ring it is supposed to be and in certain cases even the promise the friendship ring stands for. Here are some of the different types of friendship rings with their meanings.

Friendship ring
Rules on which finger can a promise ring be worn

  • Friendship ring worn on the left hand is the symbol of a promise of love and fidelity.
  • Friendship ring worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward, the wearer’s heart is free.
  • Friendship ring worn on the right hand with the heart turned inward, the Wearer’s heart is taken.

If you are exchanging friendship rings then wear the ring on the right hand so that there is no confusion with any romantic ties. However, if the friendship ring is exchanged between a boyfriend and a girlfriend then the above choices can be selected. 

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