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When I cry
My friend looks at my eye
And tells me everything is all right
Even when we fight
My friend doesn’t count my mistakes
He knows errors are what human often makes
Through thick and things always true
Friends forever me and you.
Unknown Author

God made me and frowned
He wondered whom to send down
To be my friend
A relation that will never end
The search was over when I found you
I thank God with a heart so true
Unknown Author

From first ABC
To one two three
from crazy bicycle rides
to flying kites
Exam blues
First crush woes
Scrapped knees to broken hearts
We’re together right from the start
My friend you’re a gift
Both of us, a perfect fit.
Unknown Author

A special friend is someone who shows you the sky and inspires you to soar high,
He would hold you every time you begin to fall, and lift your spirits high.
A special friend is someone who shows you the sea and makes you cross it without sinking deep.
He would hold your hand tight and make you climb a difficult mountain with ease.
He would never quit loving you and always be by your side.
He would bring you every comfort and make your life a joyride!
Unknown Author

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