Friendship Letters

letter to a friend

Gone are the days when people used to write letters. But letters still have that emotional feeling which no technology can replace.

  • Usually, people write such letters to the long distant friend to ask about their life after a long time. You can write thank you letter to a friend or to inform him about the latest happenings of your life. Make sure you tell where you are at life right at the moment.
  • Writing a letter to a friend could mean many things; maybe you’re reaching out to them after a long time. You don’t have to be very formal in the course of this letter as it’s your friend at the other end who’s going to receive the letter. You have to make sure your emotions are conveyed across properly.
  • Show concern about his/her family and health
  • Friendship letters are a special gesture of showing that you are around always and forever. Sometimes everything can’t be reflected verbally and expressions need the support of the written form. So share the delight of saying what you want through the different types of friendship letters given here.
  • These friendship letters are absolutely informal and with a bit of personalization can be presented to your friend to show that you are there for them from the thick and the thin. Whether you want to share the laughter, a happy moment or simply express yourself, these sample friendship letters will definitely help you say what’s in your heart. Select from the different friendship letters given here and let the bond of friendship strengthen further.

True Friend

Dear _,
You’re as energizing as ice cone on a sunny day. You’re as comforting as a warm blanket when winter winds blow away. You’re as bright as the shining moon when midnight casts its shadow. You’re as beautiful as you are from within your soul and as innocent as a child. You’re the one who makes me happy, the one I always want to be around. You make me smile when I feel gloomy. You make me forget my troubles when I’m with you. You’re a true friend in every possible way, and I’m grateful for all the things you do every day.


A Friend

Dear _,

The fierce winds have knocked me down. Life has kicked me around. But I got right back up and stood again. I was strengthened by a dear friend. I’ve known fear. I’ve tasted failure. I’ve even broken down. But none of my suffering was in futile, because it brought me to you. I would never allow you to go away. If you sought the door, I would get on my knees and beg you to stay. I know what I want. I know what I need. I must believe that you’ll be there for me.


I Believe In You!

Dear _,

I just want you to know that I believe in you. I believe you have what it takes to make your dreams come true. And I just want you to know that I’ll be there beside you through both the good times as well as the bad times. I’ll be your light and warmth when the road gets rough. I’ll lend you a shoulder; I’ll hold your hand; I’ll encourage you when you hesitate. I know you can make it. Never stop trying! You never know what you can achieve or where you dreams will take you!


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