Friendship Day Games

Friendship day is a time for celebration, get involved in the party mood and enjoy the different Friendship day games. Friendship day parties are imperfect without games in them. Friends all are about fun, enjoyment and good times. So, get into the mood of friendship day activities and make your friends enjoy as well.

While selecting from the options of friendship day games

  • First consider the type of the party (the theme of the party) and also the tastes and preferences of the guests.
  • If you have already chosen the theme of the friendship party, then it will be easier for you to opt for the popular friendship party games.
  • There are also various sources of the Friendship Day game ideas, from where you can take an idea and select the best option.



Friendship Day Party Game Ideas


Balance the Stick:

It is a fun game which the adults can opt for playing. The process of playing this game is to place a 5 feet stick in the central point of a circle. The challenge lies in the fact to hold the stick upright on end of the chin. After balancing the stick on the chin, it should be help up vertically for minimum 15 seconds. Who succeeds in doing so, wins the game. After getting over the first level, the next level can be to walk in a circular motion and at the same time balance the stick. Necessarily the stick has to be a lightweight one.

Say ‘Ha-Ha’:

People of all ages can actively participate in this game. Follow the process whereby the guests are asked to stand in a circle. After the game commences, each person has to place his hand on the tummy of the adjoining person. The first person says aloud ‘aHa’, while the adjoining person on whose tummy the hand is places says ‘Ha Ha’ but without laughing. The rule of the game is such that it is repeated by persons standing in a circle but bearing in mind that one cannot laugh while doing so. The one continues doing it till the end without laughing, wins the game.


Word Bubble:

Kids would love to be a part of this game. This game increases the vocabulary of the players. The players would require a pen and a paper individually. Each individual should be assigned three letters and they should be asked to write as many meaning words with those letters as they an, in just a time span of one minute. One, who has in his stable the maximum number of words, wins the game. The level of the game can be increased if the first level is crossed by the players.

Word Bubble

So, try these creative Friendship day games and enjoy your day with your friends in the best possible manner.

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