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The only way to have a friend is to be one.

What is a friend but a single soul residing in two bodies! Someone who knows all the secrets about you and still supports you, who can sit beside you in an hour of bereavement, who can stand by you in moments of transition or despair, and someone who’s always there for you and sticks together. The bond of friendship is stronger than love and all other chemical bonds.

Sometimes they may offer faltering advice and unconditional loyalty, but you know you can believe and confide in a friend. No matter how asinine, they help us with whatever we are trying to accomplish.

Friendship Day (or shall we say friend-a-versary) is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of August. The idea of dedicating a day in the honor of friendship began in the United States in 1935. Over the years, the day gained popularity in countries all over the world. Today, it is celebrated by people of all age groups around the globe.

In 2016, the day will be honored on 7 August. On this special occasion, people spend time with their beloved friends, frenemies, and even lovers. Exchanging Friendship Day gifts like flowers, greeting cards, and wrist bands (bracelets) is a popular practice on this friendly occasion. These represent a token of friendship as well as gratitude between two people.

With the advent of social media, the ethos of Friendship Day has become more prevalent especially among the younger generation. It is a matter of great joy to bump into someone online with whom you couldn’t stay in touch as life took its course or acquaintances from your high school year book.

Here are some tips to have memorable Friendship Day celebrations –

No matter how much they deny it, everyone loves surprises. Make your special plans as per time and budget ahead of this day;
Having a sleepover party as an option is way better than having a dinner somewhere;
With your ‘wolf-pack’, do it all together from anything between food, games, and fun;
Do your research and go creative on selection of gifts;
Just do whatever you like or wherever you want to be with your friends.

No one needs an excuse to celebrate friendship or to have a good time in a company one feels comfortable. Have a great Friendship Day!

Facts about Friendship Day that you should know

Hallmark cards founder Joyce Hall originally promoted Friendship Day in 1919. Friendship day was intended to be on the first Sunday of August.

In Paraguay the International Friendship Day was proposed in 1958.

The General Assembly of the United Nations declared July 30 as the official Friendship Day on April 27, 2011.

Some of the popular gifts exchanged between friends include flowers, cards and wrist bands.

The United States Congress announced the first Sunday of August as the National Friendship Day in 1935.

There is also a Women’s Friendship Day which is celebrated on the third Sunday of September.

Argentina and Uruguay on July 20 every year observe ‘D del Amigo’ which is a celebration of friendship.

Famous cartoon character Winnie – the Pooh was in 1997 presented with the honorary title, “Ambassador of Friendship” by Nane Annan, wife of Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

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