Friendship Day Celebration Ideas

Celebrations on Friendship Day
Friendship Day Celebration Ideas

Friendship Day is that special day in the year when you get the opportunity to tell that dear person that you care. Friends are the inevitable part in your life. Imagine a day in school or college when your best buddy did not turn up. Recall how lonely you felt; it was as if fun and frolic had been banished from the world.

Friends are primal for our existence. So why not have a special day for Friendship Day celebration when you are going to let your heart out- a day to make your friend realize that he/she is special.

Here are various ways by which you can plan the Friendship Day celebration and make it special.

  • The first thing necessary, before planning the Friendship Day celebration, is deciding upon the budget. Once the budget is decided, you can decide on the things you can afford to make the day fun and surprise filled.
  • Planning sleepover party is a great idea. You must remember to invite all your friends. To make the party more interesting you can hire movie CD. Make sure that you have a large stock of junk food like chips, wafers, popcorns and soft drinks. You can have a noisy overnight party with lots of mad music and crazy dance
    Friendship Day Celebrations
    Plan a Friendship Day party

  • You can arrange for an exquisite dinner in some refined French restaurant. You and your friend can be formally dressed.
  • You can also dedicate a song to your friend in your friend’s favorite radio show.
  • Going to the theater, cooking lunch yourself are some more ideas of making Friendship Day celebration special.
  • Celebrate Friendship Day
    Plan a movie with your best friend


Whatever be the mode of celebration, it is the mood which is important. As long as you have your friend with you, your Friendship Day celebration will be the best, irrespective of the fact that you have a party or do not. has many more articles on friendship for you

Ideas for Friendship Day

  • Strengthen the bond. Celebrate together and this shall help you grow the bond stronger.
  • Freak out with friends with the choicest of food, fun and enjoyment.
  • If you haven’t gone for a picnic for ages, arrange a get together to embark on a picnic to a nearby spot.
  • Do it all yourself – the food, games and other ways of making the get together a success.
  • You could also choose for options like billiards, bowling, and golf.
  • Consider going to a beach or a theme park.
  • Arrange for a dinner party and instill all elements of fun and merriment in it with the dress code being funky and the background score also being funky.
  • Make a card for your friend with the choicest of lines that makes your friend feel special and close to you.
  • Dedicate his/her favorite song over a radio or TV program. To avoid the rush, make arrangements beforehand.
  • Call up all those friends with whom you haven’t talked for ages. Give them a pleasant surprise and let them know that they are cherished and felt for.
  • Take a camera or you could even go to a studio for taking some photos to keep the precious moments in store. Looking back at these photos, you shall be able to smile.
  • Exchange gifts to show that you really love and care – they could be simple tokens life flowers or cards.
  • One has the option of drawing his/her best friend’s picture.
  • Get creative to make friendship bracelets. It shall give a personalized effect to the stuff and also express your thoughtfulness.
  • In all of us lies a creative self, use that and make a card for your friend.
  • Re-live golden days of your life by calling upon all those friends whom you haven’t met for ages.
  • Get into a discussion mode as to what it takes to be a real good friend.
  • Try to remember all the names of your friends and write them in a piece of paper.
  • You could also write a friendship poetry dedicated to the special friend in your life.
  • Nothing is better than personalized gifts for friends as they do not have the taste of the market.
  • Write blogs and let the people in your network know how much friendship means to you and do not forget to mention the best days of your life with your best friend.
  • Tell your friend today how much he/she means to you. Don’t wait for tomorrow.
  • Do not forget that old friends are really gold even if you make new friends.
  • Make a snap book with the photos of your friends having different friendship quotes and poetry revealing how special they are!
  • Enjoy a movie together – with popcorns to add to the gleam.
Ideas to celebrate Friendship Day
Ideas for Friendship Day


With all these activities of Friendship day at your bay, don’t you think you can celebrate a really wonderful friendship day?

How to celebrate friendship day in office

Friendship Day with its main essence lying in the celebration of a strong bond of friendship between people is not just celebrated by teenagers but is also enthusiastically observed by adults of all age groups. The best part of this day can be striking new friendships or celebrating the good old ones in your work place. Job and work load become fun when your colleagues are your friends. You can try any or all of the following ways to enjoy friendship day in your office:-

  • You can surprise your friends by either preparing or ordering their favourite delicacies to be relished during the lunch break and can make them feel special.
  • You can buy small gifts, flowers, greeting cards and write personalized messages and leave them at the work tables of your friends before they enter office. Expressing emotions is the best way to make this day fulfilling.
  • If you will and can, you can reduce the work load of your friend by doing some of their work for them. After all small gestures count!

How to celebrate friendship day in college

College time is the best of time of a person’s lives. It is probably the greatest phase, when one gets and can utilize a lot of free time and ample freedom. Here are some tips to make friendship day fun at college:-

  • Gifts, greeting cards and friendship bands are never out of date. You can grab some cool and funky goodies for your friends to show them you care.
  • What can be better than planning an amazing friendship day party? You can schedule a get together of your friends right after lectures at a place which not just serves food but has options of gaming, bowling or ice skating.
  • Booking tickets for a movie and a drive to the location which appeals to both you and your friends can make a good outing for friendship day.

How to celebrate friendship day in school

Although as a school student you might run low on pocket money, you can make friendship day as memorable as anyone can with a little effort and below mentioned ideas:-

  • If you have some money saved for your special buddies then you can buy gifts or beautiful friendship bands and can pick different designs for different friends of yours. You can even buy bracelets for them which they can use even after the occasion and remember you every time they wear it.
  • In case you are out of money you can arrange some wool or colourful threads and braid them into friendship bands in your own unique colour combinations and designs.
  • To spend some quality time with your friends, you can plan a slumber at your place and treat your friends with amazing video games, films and popcorns.
  • If you do not find time to organize any of the above you can have a small party and treat your friends right there in your school canteen.

If you are looking to send friendship day cards, you can visit main pages of friendship cards.

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