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Team DGreetings has been part of your celebrations since 1999. It is time for us to add more options for you. Cover Images for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are our new additions.

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Cover Images for Facebook
Let flowers say Happy Diwali on your behalf

Rangoli is a crucial part of Diwali traditions and celebrations. Without Rangoli Diwali celebrations appear incomplete. Enhance the beauty of your Facebook timeline by using the image of this Floral Rangoli. Include the most vibrant part of Diwali festivity in your Facebook and celebrate a pollution-free Diwali. Let’s take a pledge to celebrate an eco-friendly, clean and green Diwali.


Wish you a Happy Diwali..
Enjoy an ineffable view of the Golden Temple this Diwali.

The Sikh community on the occasion of Diwali celebrates Bandi Chor Diwas. On this Day, Guru Hargobind Ji was released from the prison of Jahangir. To commemorate the occasion, the Golden Temple is beautifully decorated with candles and diyas. The entire temple complex is draped with lights which gives a mesmerizing view to the eyes. The whole complex is decorated with shimmering lights. Use this beautiful picture as a cover pic of Facebook and enjoy an ineffable view of the Golden Temple.

Festival of light Diwali
Choose this beautifully decorated illuminated diyas wallpaper to convey warm regards.

Diwali brings with it a celebratory spirit and also an unmatchable excitement. The festival is commonly called as the festival of lights due to the extensive use of candles, diyas and lights. Enlighten your surroundings and also your Facebook timeline this Diwali by using this beautiful earthen pot image. It has floating floral candles which appear mesmerizing. Convey your regards which are as bright as these diyas.

Warm and beautiful Diwali wishes
Let colourful Diyas illuminate your life this Diwali

Colours and festivals together awaken a sense of beauty. Give a free reign to your festive streak and spread the joy of the festive season on Facebook by making these hand painted colourful diyas as the cover photo on your timeline. Deck up this Diwali and pick the finest wallpapers as your cover photo for Facebook. Choose this beautifully decorated illuminated colourful diyas wallpaper

Diwali Wishes and blessings
Express the exuberance of the festivities of Diwali with these illuminated diyas

Diwali, which is also known as Deepavali, is the festival of lights. Diwali is derived by joining two Sanskrit words – Deep and Avali. Deep means the diyas and avali means the row. It is celebrated by lighting candles and diyas. This tradition is a part of the celebrations. In order to feel the festivity while using Facebook, use this cover pic which has lightened diyas. They truly provide a person with the festive feels.

Diwali Decorated Diyas
Let Diwali Diyas brighten your Diwali

It is the occasion of Deepawali, the festival of lights. Decorate your home and also the surroundings by using beautiful hand-painted diyas. Feel the festivity in your social media account by changing your Facebook cover image. Use this gorgeous image of lighted diyas which will not only illuminate your Facebook but also give you festive feels.

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