Free Ecards – Different types of Ecards

Myriad sites display free greeting cards. Users can glance through cards and select a card of his or her choice absolutely free. Christmas or New Year, Valentine’s Day or Birthday, Thanksgiving or Easter- Ecards have set everyone’s pulse racing and goes completely in sync with high-tech world. Sender can send a card to receiver with just a click of mouse without paying a single penny. Just write the email address of receiver, to send your chosen ecard to its destination.

Are Ecards Safe?

While you send or receives ecards have you ever thought its safe or not? If you get it from known person then its fine, but if the sender is unknown to you then the OK looking card, might also be spyware, spam or a computer virus. Once the ecard is downloaded it can display obscene images or bombard your screen with pop-up ads. To avoid this trouble don’t open an ecard from unknown source or sender. Use antivirus software, never open a card with an attachment.

Different types of Ecards–

Flash card:
These cards are incredibly designed are have striking appeal. They are highly creative and brings together audio, video and moving images. The content is also placed in a very attractive way spell-binding everyone’s attention.

Post card:
Post card is like a greeting card, available in gift stores. The only difference is it’s not made of paper and is available online on your computer screen with the help on Internet connection. It’s size varies from 400X 300 pixel to 500X 350 pixel.

Animated card:
Similar to post card in appearance but the only difference in animated cards is, its a bit smaller in size.

The size of a card is around 320X320 pixel.

Ecards are happening and everyone’s entrapped in its resounding appeal. Anytime, anyplace and anywhere; Go for Ecards and you just gonna love it.

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