First Date Tips

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First Date Tips

First dates are always stressful, so we tapped experts to learn the biggest first date dos and don’ts.

The hard part is over: you’ve approached that certain special someone and gained the courage to ask them out on a date. Now what are you going to do during this date? Before the date materialized, the little details of proper date behavior seemed far away, but now they are quickly becoming real. Take a deep breath and read as DGreetings offers you First Date Tips that will help things run smoothly on your first date.

You must be quite excited for your first date with a new love interest! You should plan to go somewhere you can talk and get better acquainted with your date. A good place to talk is the ideal location for the first date so you can explore mutual interest and other areas of compatibility. If you’re planning a date during the day, ideal locations are good places for conversation and avoid places where you can’t chat. Start with a simple one to two hour date at a coffee shop or cafe. Don’t rush into something ready to commit! It’s a simple first date: you are not making plans to spend the rest of your lives together.

Getting ready for the first date is a nerve racking process. Avoid thinking about embarrassing possibilities. Be positive and maintain an optimistic attitude. Try to imagine things turning out well. Develop self-confidence: if you want someone to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first. Your date will enjoy your company if you are confident and comfortable with yourself.

When planning the date, think about the style you want to project, but don’t blindly follow fashion. It is important to dress like yourself and appropriately for your date venue. If you can’t pull off spaghetti tops, then please don’t wear them just for fashion’s sake. Use your own judgment when picking out the appropriate attire, but it doesn’t hurt asking friends and family for their opinions on what looks best. Don’t let a preoccupation with your outfit force you to be late! Making your date wait is a bad first impression.

As far as appropriate date conversation goes, relax and be yourself. Always maintain eye contact and be an active participant in the conversation, but don’t scare them off with a staring, hypnotic gaze. Be a good listener and pay a lot of attention to your date. When you speak, please don’t blow your own horn. Don’t try to impress your date by excessively talking about yourself or by sounding phony. Ask your date questions about themselves to express your interest in their life. These date guidelines go a long way. Pull together that date outfit and get ready for your first date.

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