First Birthday Party Ideas

Just because your baby’s big day is here doesn’t mean you need to shell out the big bucks. Check out these budget-friendly first birthday party ideas that are guaranteed to make your bash a memorable one.

Is your baby turning an year old soon? You must be wondering how to throw your child a special 1st birthday party. It is the first major celebration of the birth of a new baby and is a very significant occasion for the proud parents of the baby girl/boy. Parents of the one year old plan this special event with a lot of care by thinking of fabulous baby’s first birthday party ideas.

If the party is carefully planned, your baby will surely enjoy the day even if s/he doesn’t realize what the party is for. Therefore try to plan a party that would be comfortable for your infant. A familiar location like your own house or a park your child frequently visits would be best for this purpose. Try not to stretch the party for too long to tire the birthday kid.

Birthday Party Themes

First Birthday Party Ideas
Birthday Party Themes

Make your baby’s first birthday unforgettable by selecting a party theme for the birthday. This is going to be one of the most important aspects of the birthday party, so it should be planned carefully. You must pick a theme that the children can relate to after all it is a kid’s party.

  • Select a toddler’s theme for the party, arranging your supplies likewise.
  • You can select some wonderful cartoon characters theme. This is a universally loved theme by children of all ages. The list is endless when it comes to choosing characters, so your theme can be on a single character or on many. The advantage of picking such themes is that the decorations, the birthday cake and the birthday party games can be based on a central theme and it gives a coordinated effect to the party.
  • The room can be illuminated in a light shade of pink or blue to give a charming effect to the party. To achieve this look you just have to wrap your lights with colored cellophane paper or drape your lamp shades with the desired colored cloth.
  • Balloons of various colors and shapes can be put up in the room either in bunches, strewn around on the floor or hydrogen gas balloons touching the ceiling. Streamers and cut outs of cartoon characters can be placed on the walls along with the other birthday decorations.

Party Invitations
Once the theme has been decided upon you must think of ideas for the baby’s first birthday party invitations.Depending on the number of people you are inviting you can either purchase the cards from the market or you can make them yourself. Since the birthday invites are designed according to the theme of your party they may or may not be available in the market. If they are not, you can give printing orders to match the birthday invitations to your theme. If you are making your baby’s first birthday party cards yourself adding your child’s photograph gives it a nice personal touch.


Birthday Cake and Party Games

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake and Party Games

The birthday cake is one of the most special parts of your baby’s first birthday and must be as delicious as beautiful. Classic and simple flavors for the cake are best for children as no kid ever refuses chocolates. The shape and the icing on the cake should be designed according to the theme of the party.

A fantastic baby’s first birthday party idea to liven up the party is to have birthday party games. Since the birthday baby will probably be too young to participate, most of the games at the birthday party will be for the other children. This is a good way to keep them occupied and entertained.

The birthday activities can include simple games like piñatas and ball throw in which the baby can participate. If you have other kids in your guest list, gather them for a story time, which your baby would enjoy as well.

What else to Keep in Mind?
For the party favors, toys, a memento bearing a picture of the birthday baby would be ideal to go with toys and candies. Don’t forget to record the party for your baby to see later. Even if he is now too young to enjoy his special day, he will surely love to see the pictures when he is older.

First Birthday Invitation Wording
Our baby doll is turning one
and we are throwing a big party
to make it special.
Please grace it with your presence!

We will have cakes, games, and snacks
and lot of fun and frolic
Hope you can come and celebrate our
daughter’s birthday with us.

His first tooth is out
and he has learnt to crawl.
We are celebrating his first birthday
with balloons, a big cake, and lots of fun.
Please be there and make it memorable for him

It was tough bringing him up
because he was so naughty and
always up to some mischief or the other
But, we are celebrating the first birthday of our son with a grand party
and would like you all to be present when he blows his first candle.

We expect you to come to the first birthday of our little darling
as we want to celebrate it with people who care for him.

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