First Anniversary Gift Ideas

First wedding anniversary gift ideas for him and her
First Anniversary Gift Idea

If you’re stuck for 1st wedding anniversary ideas, Browse our range of traditional and unique paper anniversary gifts.

Generally first wedding anniversary marks the completion of staying together, understanding each other’s need and caring about each other. It’s a very special occasion in anybody’s life. So everybody wants to celebrate it in a different manner like some go for a second honeymoon to their favorite destination, while others go for a quite candle light party and some go for a huge bash. First year of marriage is a very crucial year as the two people try to understand each other, their needs, likes and dislikes. It calls for a lot of dedication and true love. Finding the perfect gift for the first wedding anniversary is a very difficult thing. You need to understand each other well to gift the perfect present. Here are some first anniversary gifts ideas you can opt while deciding on the present.

You can book a restaurant for a small candle light dinner. It will be really romantic.

Anniversary Gift Ideas
Plan a candle light dinner

You can send them for a second honeymoon to their favorite destination.

Unique First Anniversary Gifts - Dodo Burd
Plan a second honeymoon

Silver framed photo album can be a wonderful first anniversary gift idea.

A bottle of wine and a box of nut chocolates can do wonders. You can team it up with a bouquet of flowers. Choose flowers, which are romantic and colorful. Gifts should be properly wrapped.

Wine gift basket ideas
Wine basket

A diamond ring for the husband and wife can be an ideal first anniversary gift.

Anniversary rings
Anniversary Ring Ideas

Everyone likes perfumes so you can opt for a bottle of French perfume.

Bottle of French perfume

Men love gadgets so you can opt for wristwatches. Different kinds of designer watches are available in the market nowadays so you can go for any one depending on your budget.

Male Boss Gift Ideas

You can also gift them tickets for a movie.

Books and music CD’s of romantic numbers can also be gifted as first anniversary gifts, as everyone likes them.

Gift his Favorite Book

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