Fighting Fair or Rough?

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Fighting Fair or Rough?

It’s important to fight fair and to make up after an argument.

Arguments are an integral part of any relationship, especially the love relationship. In fact according to experienced lovers sometimes the arguments are necessary to make the relationship stronger and more interesting. Though that does not mean that the lovers should always be fighting over trivial matters just to make their relationship interesting. But the question arises as to how can one be fair in a lover’s argument?
Sometimes the lovers despite trying too hard are not able to understand each other’s perspectives and end up making the matters worse for both of them.

The need remains of being a little patient and trying to assess the other person’s point. But unfortunately this does not seem to be the scenario in a lover’s argument as both the partners feel that they are right and the other person is wrong and fail to recognize the fact that this may be a wrong perception of theirs. Well here are a few tips and ideas, which can help you in being fair in a lover’s argument.

  • Both of you should avoid speaking at the same time. Talking at the same time could lead to confusions and none of you would be able to understand what the other person is talking about.
  • Always try to communicate your soul mate’s positive qualities while in an argument with him or her. Speaking of each other’s positive qualities would help both of you to forget about your anger dwelling in your hearts for each other.
  • Whenever you raise an issue, always stay focused on it. Don’t try to leave the things in middle and always try to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Leaving an issue unresolved during an argument could give rise to more arguments at later times.
  • Never save any issues and then bring them up while your partner is trying to talk about something else. This would lead to more frustrations in an argument.
  • It is not necessary that your partner should guess what you are going to say next. Have guts to say it on your own.
  • Never blame your beloved for everything that went wrong in your relationship. This would put your partner on the defensive and the argument would only grow fierce.
  • Never try to talk to your partner while he/she is in a bad mood. It is a common fact that while a person is in a bad mood, he or she can get agitated on trifle matters also.Follow these simple tips and ideas and learn the art of being fair in a lover’s argument.

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