Few fabulous Ideas on Diwali Decorations

Diwali is one of the popular festivals celebrated by the Hindus. It is not only observed in India but also in several other countries. On Diwali, people celebrate by lighting oil lamps and electric lights, decorating their homes with colorful rangolis and flowers, worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, bursting fireworks, and exchanging sweets with their dear ones.

Highlights of Diwali Decorations

Some of the special features of the decorations that one finds during Diwali are mentioned below.

Diyas, candles, and other lights: Diyas and candles come in a variety of designs to make your home look as attractive as possible. So, during Diwali, make sure you adorn your house with the glowing light of diyas and candles. You may use aromatic candles for the decorations, as their sweet fragrance will help liven up the atmosphere in your home.

Aside from diyas and candles, you may use electric string lights and tiny bulbs for Diwali decorations. These lights will brighten up your home and help create the festive mood on this occasion. Whether you’d like to adorn doorways, mantles, or roof lines, electric bulbs emitting lights of various colors are one of the best options you may consider.

Rangolis: An essential part of Diwali decorations is the rangoli. A rangoli acts as a sign of welcome for Goddess Lakshmi who is believed to visit one’s house during Diwali. A lot of creativity and hard work goes into making rangoli designs of various patterns and colors. Geometric patterns as well as figures of gods and goddesses are created out of these rangolis. Common themes including celestial symbols like sun and moon and motifs like lotus and animals are utilized in making rangoli designs.

Diwali rangolis
also include holy symbols like the ‘Om’, ‘Swastik’, a lighted Deepak, and the mangal kalash. The rangolis are made of ingredients like rice flour and pulses. The common colors used in Diwali rangolis are white, turmeric yellow, pea green, and rust brown. Vermilion is often used to add color to these rangolis.

Flowers: Marigolds, lotus, and a variety of flowers are used to adorn the staircases and stair handles of homes during Diwali. Petals of roses are put into a glass bowl filled with water. The bowl is then placed on a table in the living room or the dining table. This is indeed an exciting way to adorn your homes during Diwali.

Aside from flowers, you may use torans embellished with mirrors for Diwali decorations. Just hang the torans at the entrance doors and arches, and they’ll give a fantastic look to your home during Diwali.

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