Father’s Day

ideas for Fathers Day celebrations
Happy Father’s Day
The role of a father in a family is undeniable. Ancient, medieval or modern, be it any society, fathers always have had a significant role to play in a child’s life. A father is a friend, philosopher and guide to his children. His shoulder provides the perfect comfort from the doldrums of life and his arms provide complete protection. There’s no way that father’s love can be substituted by anything or anyone.
A father-child relationship is definitely a reason to celebrate and Father’s day is designed essentially for this purpose. In modern society Mother’s day came into being first, because mothers were regarded as the only nurturer of a child. A father’s role in shaping the mental and emotional well being of a child was often relegated to a secondary status. The role of a father was traditionally believed to be more of a provider and guide. True that a mother owns the divine right of giving birth to a child, a father helps him open up his eyes and see the world. He lends him his experience and confidence to face the world. Its only a father who inspires his children to be independent and take life in their own stride.
Therefore Father’s day is a perfect occasion to thank that man who has happily taken all our responsibilities on his shoulder and has striven every day to give us a better life. His contribution in shaping up our future in undeniable. Father’s day is celebrated all over the world and in India too. It is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June. It is a tribute to him for showering on us his selfless care and protection.
Father’s day celebration make him feel that his contributions are acknowledged by their children and family. This also makes them realize their father’s importance in shaping up their lives. This is the time, this is the day when the children should express their gratitude to their fathers heartily. A simple I love you and a warm hug can go a long way to win his heart.
Send Father’s Day Cards to your Dad and make him feel really special.
I love you Dad Card
You’re the best, Dad, as simple as that.
I Love You Dad messages
You fill my life with color!

Happy Father's dayWarm wishes on Fathers Day

Greeting cards on Father's Day
Send Father’s Day Cards and express your feelings

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