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Happy Father’s Day

How much do you know about the Dadliest Day of the year?

Want to celebrate Father’s day in a unique manner? Want to have a playful time with your dad on this Father’s Day? Well, we have come up with an exciting and interesting Father’s Day quiz that would help you to brush up your knowledge about the Father’s Day and also make this day all the more special for that loving person in your life.

Q. Who invented Father’s Day?
Ans: Sonora Dodd

Q. According to Greek mythology, who was the father of the gods and mortals?
Ans. Zeus


Q. Mr Bennet was the father in which Jane Austen novel?
a. Mansfield Park
b. Sense and Sensibility
c. Emma
d. Pride and Prejudice
Ans: Pride and Prejudice

Q. Indiana Jones dad was obsessed with finding what?
a. The Holy Scriptures
b. The Holy Grail
c. The Holy Cross
d. The Holy Temple
Ans: The Holy Grail

Q. What is the official flower to honor your dad?
Ans. Roses are the official flower for Father’s Day. A red rose is worn in the lapel if your father is living, a white rose if he is deceased.


Q.When is Father’s day celebrated in Australia?
Ans. In Australia, Father’s day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September.

Q.What is most searched on Father’s Day?
Ans: “father’s day recipes”, “Father’s day poems”, and “father’s day crafts.”

Q. He is known as the “father of History”:

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