Father’s Day Gifts for First Time Dads

Father's day Gift ideas
Here are a few ideas to make him feel special

A father is a man who has photos in his wallet where money used to be”

Fathers are a God sent gift. He is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow. With Father’s Day just around the corner, here are a few ideas for gifts for the first time dads. Remember, a new father goes through every anxiety and worry for the new born baby that the mother goes through. He just does not show it. Here are a few ideas to make him feel special:

  1. Along with you he has also spent many sleepless nights trying to put to sleep a colicky baby. Why not book a day at the spa for him where he can relax and rejuvenate?

  2. Call his friends over, order pizzas, and disappear. You will be surprised how relaxed he will be after some time with the boys.

  3. Buy customized jerseys of his favorite sport for the baby and the father.

  4. Buy a more masculine baby bag in a solid color without flowers and cartoons so that the next time you have to go out he does not feel embarrassed carrying a frilly bag.

  5. Take the imprint of the new father’s and the baby’s hand prints on a slab of wet plaster of Paris. Once dried you can paint a quote saying “friends for life” on it, and add a photograph of father and child. The new father is sure to cherish the gift.

  6. Get the grandparents to baby sit. And go out with the new father. Make it a special date. Dress up. Look beautiful. And have a great time romancing each other.

  7. Give him a photo album with photographs ranging from courtship days to the birth of the baby.

Make the new father special. After all he has made your life special by gifting you with the most precious gift in the whole wide world.

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