Father’s Day Dinner Recipes to Win Dad’s Heart


It has been truly said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So what better way to win over your father and his heart than to cook an amazing array of his favorite dinner. Here are a few pointers and ideas for that perfect meal which is sure to bowl over your dad. Remember, it would be better if it is a full course meal including drinks and starters. You will have to select the kind of cuisine that you want to serve. It can be the same kind of cuisine or a mix of a variety of them. Keeping your dad’s health in mind and include a few healthy dishes, and keeping his palate in mind, include a few not so healthy dishes. After all Father’s Day comes only once in a year.

Drinks for Teetotalers:


  1. Virgin Cucumber Mojito- It is healthy and will keep your dad cool and help in increasing appetite

  2. Strawberry Soda Lemonade- Give that twist to the lemonade with a dash of strawberry. It will also help increase the energy levels of your dad.

Alcoholic Drinks:


  1. Iced Martinis- Perfect to take the edge off him and make him feel refreshed and relaxed

  2. The Green Beat Punch- A dash of Vodka to lemonade and a garnish of cucumber is sure to make your dad just chill.

You want to work on his appetite and so keep the starters healthy and light.

Vegetarian starters:


  • Corn in Canapés

  • Boiled and lightly sautéed assorted vegetables with a mayonnaise dip

  • Baked potato wafers.

Non Vegetarian Starters:


  • Chicken salad (boiled chicken),

  • Stir fried prawn salad.



A classic Spanish soup Gazpacho would be perfect for it is served cold and thus can be prepared well ahead of time. You do not need waste your precious time with your father in the kitchen. Very light to the palate, it is a good appetizer.




  • Pasta with white sauce and grilled vegetables.

  • Eggplant Parmesan with Creamed Spinach (Yes, fathers do love eggplants and spinach)

  • Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese ( Wholesome and nutritious)

  • Yorkshire Pudding ( Add an English touch)

  • Soft Pretzels

Non Vegetarian:


  • Steak with garlic bread. ( It will do wonders to your dad’s mood after the martini that he has had)

  • Grilled basa fish with a mushroom sauce.

  • Insanity Burger ( stuffed with a meat of his choice, see him drooling over it like a young boy)

  • Steak and onion sandwiches

  • The Classic Spaghetti Bolognese

The ideas for starters and dinner here are those which can be prepared before, and then served at the time of dinner after a minute of heating in the microwave. This is so that you are not too busy in the kitchen , and can spend the evening in the company of your precious dad.

Dessert : The choice is your dad’s. Serve the sweet that he loves. Here are a few ideas:

  • An assortment of ice creams served with pastries.

  • Gluten-free strawberry and raspberry crumble

  • Some hot milk and chocolate and nut cookies (will take him back to his childhood days for sure)

Here is to hoping that you have a great evening with your dad.

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