Father’s Day



The real hero in life is a father. His unconditional affection manifests in so many ways: in the way he cuddles his new-born baby with teary eyes, soothe his crying sick kid by staying awake all night, pay attention to his teenager’s every single tantrum, give hugs when his grown-ups are in pain and shower kisses when they experience a victory. Have you ever realized “How Many Hats Does Your Father Wear? “. The answer is “Many”. The chauffeur’s hat, driving kids to school, baseball practice sessions, dancing and swimming classes dot on time. The referee’s cap to settle fight and establish peace between his toddlers. The guide’s hat to help his kids through teachable moments. The friend’s hat to talk when his daughter or son has problems. The banker’s hat to finance his child’s dream to achieve something larger than life. A doting father has a lot to tackle at once but he enjoys every single minute of it.  Being a great dad, he ensures abundance of goodness and happiness in our lives  yet never expects anything in return. Honor his wonderful man for his unconditional love, support and sacrifices by expressing gratitude. Let him know that we love him a lot and will always care for him.

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