Exotic flowers

No one could be left untouched by the charm of flowers, & if the flowers are not your usual generic flowers but the rare exotic flowers, then the magic is just out of this world. Unique and rare these flowers are maddening in colour and fragrance.

Flowers can be described as emotional detoxifiers. The very essence of flowers and their eternal fragrance leave a breath of fresh life in the lives that they touch. And exotic flowers are in a league of their own. Unique and rare these flowers are maddening in colour and fragrance, their elegance adds richness to any ambiance, and their beauty mesmerize you.

Let’s learn about some of the exotic flowers, for to know them is to love them more.


Gardenias exotic flower

These exotic flowers stand for purity, sweetness, and secret love. They require high humidity to bloom and can be grown as house plants. Gardenias are waxy in texture , white in colour and very fragrant.

Birds of Paradise:

Bird shaped flower
Birds of Paradise

This spectacular flower is in the shape of a bird. They are also known as the Crane Flowers and are natives of South Africa. They bloom from September to May. They are a symbol of paradise.

Calla Lily:

Heart shaped flower
Calla Lily

God created these exotic flowers in shades of yellow, orange, green, pink and purple. With a unique shape that looks like a heart, these flowers natives of South Africa and can be grown in the house garden. They signify magnificence and beauty.


Painted Tongue shaped Flower

Natives of Tropical America, Anthuriums also go by the names Painted Tongue and Flamingo Lily. They are waxy in texture and red and heart shaped. They can be grown at home in flower pots. Anthuriums are like the Vishkanya , meaning the Poison Girl. Beautiful to look at, every part of the Anthurium is poisonous.

Lily of the Valley:

Beautiful Flower
Lily of the Valley

These flowers spell fragrance. They infuse the entire area surrounding them with their fragrance the entire day. Native of Europe, these flowers are a popular garden plant. Lily of the Valley is bell shaped and symbolize return of happiness.


Lilacs flower

Clustered, fragrant and beautiful purple in color, Lilacs are synonymous to laughter and happiness. They come in over a 1000 varieties and bloom only for 2 weeks in spring. Lilacs were first grown in America.


Orchid Flower Meaning & Symbolism

These exotic flowers can be described as the most exquisite and fascinating of them all. Orchids are nature at its best with petals that look like eyes open and observing, and the posture seems as though the flower is bending over to get closer to the person holding it. Orchids are fascinating indeed and symbolism love for someone who is very special and unique.

Ginger belongs to this family of plants. Considered to be an exotic flower, Dracaena is one of the few flowers that lays emphasis on masculinity. They add style and glamour in a very understated manner.

The flowers mentioned here are just a few of the innumerable exotic flowers fund all over the world. In fact in Hawaii every island has a unique collection of exotic flowers. Exotics flowers are indeed breathtaking and add that extra oomph to any occasion.

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