Environmentally Safe Diwali

Subh Diwali

Diwali brings along light that fills in us the joy and happiness. The dark night of Amavasya is illuminated with millions of lamps and the night transforms into a bride with sequin scarf thereby highlighting it’s modesty. Thus, we associate Diwali with all goodness and happiness in life. But, it would be unfair to turn our backs towards our responsibility as a residence of this earth. It is the high time we ponder upon the fact that how our Diwali celebrations are proving fatal to the environment.

All traditions, rituals and customs of Diwali have nothing to do with environmental pollution, but the tradition of firecrackers adopted comparatively in recent years has broken the synergy of the ecological balance. As we burst firecrackers and enjoy the glittery display of fireworks, we are completely unaware of the fact that these fire displays are emitting poisonous gases. In such a situation, leave aside the people suffering from breathing problems, even normal person can start feeling choked. Not only there is air pollution, but the noise firecrackers create annoy other living beings as well. For us the more the noise, the greater the fun. But birds, street dogs and others are in a dreary position.

Bursting crackers at a grand level is a knock upon the humanity. Thousands of children are employed to make these firecrackers and many of them die or develop serious health problems due to pathetic environment they have to work in. By not buying the firecrackers we will be saving the future of underprivileged children.

Another major issue, which has been a headache for the environment lovers is that of energy consumption. We all know “Energy saved is energy produced”. Numerous lights brightening the night of Diwali give a setback to energy reservoir of the country. Instead of lighting our houses with electric bulbs, we can lend a traditional touch to Diwali light decorations. Place beautiful diyas or candles all around and ignite them. They would indeed give to Diwali celebrations more beauty than any other electric bulb.

There are many other ways of celebrating the auspicious festival of Diwali. Indulge yourself in sharing happiness with others, exchanging gifts, having festive food, enjoying Diwali activities and spending time with your near and dear ones. There’s a lot to do. Organize Diwali Milans at community level, participate in cultural programs arranged at Diwali Melas and involve yourself into charitable work. Your Diwali would not only make you at peace but would attract a lot of good wishes straight from their hearts.

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