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Envy is the dark side of admiration. If one envies someone, it’s likely one admires them so much one somehow feels challenged by them.

It’s a common belief that jealousy and love go hand in hand. In fact a little bit of jealousy makes the love relationship all the more spicy. But what happens when jealousy starts taking control of the love relationship? What happens when one partner starts making undue demands and expectations in the relationship? What happens when romantic jealousy starts spoiling your love relationship? Why does it happen that the old acquaintances or people in one partner’s social circle or even common friends start becoming the objects of jealousy for other partner? Well, have you been acting out in such a manner?

If the answer to the above said question is yes then you need to take control of yourself and your emotions. Little bit of jealousy is perfectly ok in a relationship but when jealousy starts meaning eyeing your partner’s colleague or friend with suspicion, then the matters are surely going out of your hands. Well no need to worry anymore as we at Dgreetings have come up with some cool tips, which will not only help you in avoiding jealousy in your relationship but will also lend you a helping hand in making your relationship all the more smooth and romantic.

  • Always fully trust your partner. Though sometimes it becomes a little difficult. But it is a common belief that a love relationship or for that matter any relationship is based on mutual trust and understanding between the two partners. So leave your inhibitions and try to trust your beloved, though not blindly also.
  • Try to involve your partner in your day-to-day activities. If both of you are in different professions then it is always better to make your partner aware of your professional responsibilities and vice versa. In this way both of you would be able to understand and respect each other’s professional lives.
  • Always be open and communicative with your partner. Speak about the things you feel needs to get attention. Don’t keep anything in your heart. By doing this you would be helping your partner in knowing you better and in taking care of not doing the things, which hurt you.
  • Don’t hide anything from your partner. Maintain a lever of frankness in your relationship. This would help you both in trusting each other better. But take care that the frankness level does not make your relationship monotonous and dry.
  • If jealousy becomes a part of your relationship, don’t keep it in your heart. Talk to your partner about it. In fact it would be much better if you have a thorough and serious discussion with your partner regarding the issue.
  • Keep your emotions in check. Jealousy is considered to be a healthy feeling but too much of everything is bad. So try to keep jealousy within limits. Don’t allow it this monster to rule your loving and pious relationship.

    So make use of these relevant tips to overcome jealousy and of throwing the envious love out of your relationship.


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