Engagement Party

Party ideas
Engagement party ideas

We’ve got various engagement party ideas to help you choose a theme, plus hints and tips to make it truly memorable.
Enjoying the special moments with friend and family, an engagement party gives the opportunity for families of both the bride and the groom meet each other in a casual and friendly manner. Engagement party ranges from a casual homely set up to the most lavish and elaborate set up as well. It is generally hosted by the bride and the groom or even by the parents of the bride and the groom. One can opt from the themes of a barbecue dinner to a formal sit down dinner. The different ideas for throwing an engagement party are aplenty and the end choice rests completely on you. So here are the list of the different engagement party ideas to select from.

Engagement Party Celebrations

Engagement Party Celebrations

Generally an engagement party is held a few months after the engagement and around one year before the wedding day. It can be combined with other celebrations, like Christmas, graduation etc. or a big party can be thrown separately also.

Engagement Guest List
The guest list for the engagement party can range from close family members to your complete friend circle. Still the guest list mostly comprises of people living in the nearby vicinity. Proper engagement party invitations are sent out for the party and a acknowledgement receipt is expected.

Engagement Cuisine

Engagement  party Food
Engagement Cuisine

The engagement cuisine can range from simple appetizers, a hearty home cooked meal, a buffet, or a barbecue the choice is entirely yours. There are different ideas to make your engagement cuisine grand and mouth watering. If you are planning for a dance engagement party then one can arrange for a dj or music system.

Engagement Party Etiquette
Engagement party etiquette dictates that engagement gifts are not a compulsory for the engagement party. One can present a gift later on also. The hosts should remember not to open the gifts in front of the guests. Wait after the party and then enjoy opening the colorful packages. Otherwise there are other engagement ideas that can always be incooperated in the engagement party.

Engagement Party Toasts

Engagement celebration
Engagement Party Toasts

Engagement party toasts are a common scenario for engagement parties. It can be a spontaneous toast and doesn’t require any elaborate planning. Whatever feels right can be said spontaneously making your engagement celebrations a wonderful time of togetherness.

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