Engagement Cakes

The Cake to celebrate saying “I Do”. See more ideas about Engagement cakes, Cake and Cake decorating.
Cakes have been an integral part of engagement celebration, and no engagement is complete without it! Apart from the starry couple it also enjoys quite a limelight.

You can choose from an assortment of options that are available from-sponge or gateaux or whatever you fancy, with flavours of your choice, however it is that outer sugary melt in the mouth icing and the decoration that differentiates one cake from another.

Our personal favourites are the tier cake, since they are classy and have a lot of scope of decoration to compliment your theme. We came across a lot of them, and these were our favourite:

Tier Cake with flowers:

Engagement Cakes
Tier Cake with flowers

Once you have picked up the cake, its outer beauty can be highlighted by choosing flowers .The colour of flowers and the type of flower could be one that compliments your theme like roses, orchids, cherry -blossom or gherberas. You can either choose fresh or silk flowers for the same.

Topsy Turvy Tier Cake:

Best Engagement Cake Ideas
Topsy Turvy Tier Cake

The tier cakes are usually well-balanced circles on top of each other, but how about some topsy-turvy twist to the same. The cake decorator can add a slight angle which would balance the cake, however would give it an exciting look.

Tie Cake with Jewels:

 Cake Ideas
Tie Cake with Jewels

Whether you are picking up a tier cake or a simple engagement cake, its look can be enhanced by using jewels. This could be edible or plain decorations. Pearls, Swarovski and Diamond studded tiaras make for a grand looking engagement cake.

Designed Cake:

Awesome Engagement Cake Designs
Designed Cake

A tier cake in shape of luggage or box is quite exciting too! It can either be a replica of Louis Vuitton that you fancy or on tiffany’s theme. Both these option would be quite exquisite. You can also use other decoration ideas such using ribbons, cake topper saying ‘engaged’ edible miniature glitter pops , tape flags and so on.

Tier Cake with Message
Everyone does wedding vows, how about engagement vows for a change? Get the message written in an artistic font and create an impression on your cake. This would add an interesting element to your event as well!

Tier Photo Cake
It may be a tad less traditional but photo cakes are an exciting idea. You can look at a three tier cake with pictures from your past.

Pick up from these wonderful engagement cake ideas and leave the rest to your experienced baker.So make your engagement ring look special and different with the different types of antique engagement rings.

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