Eco-Friendly Diwali

Diwali celebrations
Eco-Friendly Diwali

It’s time we celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way. It good for our children, elderly and for the environment as well.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most secular festivals of India, where people irrespective of caste, religion or creed, celebrate the essence of togetherness, happiness and the victory of good over evil..

Somewhere down the years, the firecrackers and electric lights also entered the scenario of celebrations.

  • Health Hazards
  • Employment of young children in the factories manufacturing firecrackers
  • Cataclysmic for the animals and birds.

This Diwali let us pledge towards a new beginning with the promise of a brighter and greener environment in future. Here are a few ideas on DIY eco-friendly Diwali celebrations:

Way to celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali
Earthen Diyas

Earthen Diyas: Remember that electric lights also consume energy. Light up the entire house with earthen Diyas. Candles too are petroleum based and release toxins while burning. So do not replace the traditional diyas with anything else.

Use Natural things in rangoli

For the Rangoli use rice powder, flowers and haldi to add colour. Do not use chemical colours. You will find the state of art Rangoli designs with Flowers.

Hand-made bags
Diwali Gift Ideas

If you are giving gifts, wrap them in newspapers. You will spread the message of eco-friendly Diwali loud and clear.
Try and make hand-made gifts like bags and pouches.

Chocolate Boxses
Handmade Chocolates

If you are buying sweets, recycle the card-board boxes for distributing them.

Crackers do form the spirit of Diwali. Invest in the eco-friendly crackers made up of recycled paper and within the noise level by the Pollution Board. Do not go overboard, buy very few just for the spirit of Diwali.
You can replace the sparkler crackers with laser shows organised as a community.

Spread the Joy this Season

Diwali celebrations
Spread the Joy this Season

Diwali is all about joy and cheer. And it has been truly said that when you spread joy, it doubles over. This Diwali you can spread the joy in the following ways:

  • Sponsor a meal in an old age home, leprosy colony or orphanage.
  • But new clothes and sweets for the inmates of any under privileged institution.

Help spread the awareness about an eco-friendly Diwali among family and friends. You will find an array of Slogans, messages and wallpapers at Help us save the environment. Let us have a Clean and a Green Diwali. Shubh Deepavali!!

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