Easter Rising 1916

Irish Revolution
Irish Easter rebellion 1916

“I have met them at close of day
Coming with vivid faces
From counter or desk among grey
Eighteenth-century houses..”
These few lines from the famous poem Easter- 1916 by W. B Yeats truly glorify the battle of Easter conflict.

What happened in the 1916 rising?

 Irish Easter Rebellion 1916
An armed insurrection in Ireland during Holy Week of Easter in 1916
  • The Easter Rising was a kind of revolt against the British colonial rule in Ireland which coincided with the Holy Week of Easter in 1916. Various factors led to the Easter rising but the main cause was the acute sense of deprivation that grew deep among the general Irish masses.
  • The rising was an act of defiance by the Irish republicans to win independence from the ruthless British forces through the execution of arms. The revolt took its shape only when the Irish Volunteers organized an illegal consignment of arms to Howth from the Continent for the rising which had been pre planned for the Easter Sunday.

Who led the Easter Uprising?

Easter Rising in Dublin
A group of Irish nationalists proclaimed the establishment of the Irish Republic
  • The Irish Easter rising was originally devised by Plunkett through the seizure of important British buildings in the city of Dublin. It was only after the end of World War 1 various committees were formed where significant details regarding the British rule in Ireland were discussed thoroughly and plans were made to dethrone the then British government.

How long was the Easter Rising?

Easter rising and rebellion
Rising began on Easter 24 April 1916, and lasted for six days
  • The Easter rising and rebellion didn’t last long, but it definitely left a indelible mark in the minds of many Irish natives and led to an historical turning point of the country.
  • It was on Easter Monday on April 24th in 1916 that a sudden silence fell over the O’Connell Street, as walking steadily through the steps of General Post Office in Dublin, Patrick Pearse, one of the great freedom fighters of Easter Rising read the Proclamation of the Republic. Irish Easter Rising however could not continue for a longer period as many of its top leaders were arrested while others were put on house arrest.

Who was executed in the 1916 rising?

  • Easter rising was particularly famous because people from all walks of life came together under one roof and showed the determination to thwart off the colonial rulers, indeed for the first time the whole of Ireland stood united. But all these could not have been possible, without these brave war heroes of Easter Rising like Padraic Pearse, Constance Markiewicz, Michael Collins, Tom Clarke and James Connolly who made a significant contribution towards the freedom of Ireland.

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