Easter Gift Baskets

The concept of Easter gifts has changed over the years. Earlier gifts you could buy on Easter included candies and chocolates in the shape of Easter eggs, bunnies, fish, and bells. Over the years, people prefer to receive and give gifts that can be of some use. This holds true for everyone. These days Easter gift baskets have become very popular.

If you are away from the person whom you want to gift these baskets to, you can always shop for these online and get them delivered at the desired address. If you think you will not be present personally on Easter, you can order for a basket full of goodies and request the shopkeeper to make arrangements to get it delivered. However, you will have to find out if the shopkeeper offers the facility of delivering goods.

Readymade Easter Gift Baskets
These are the gift baskets that are available readily in the stores. Few of them have an assortment of goodies. It can be an assortment of candies, chocolates, crackers, fruit juices, jelly beans, marshmallows, and similar stuff. They are attractively decorated with colorful papers.

In some cases, you will also come across baskets that have the traditional Easter gifts. These may include chocolate eggs and bunnies. Candies and cookies in the shape of hare and eggs are also available in some cases.

Homemade Easter Gift Baskets
Easter gift baskets can also be made at home. Once you have decided to make a homemade gift basket, you need to buy the gifts in advance. These gifts are the ones that you will place in the basket once the basket is made. Baskets are available in the market, get one, and start decorating them. First of all, you need to place straw, streamers, and colored paper at the bottom of the basket. Thereafter, place the gifts you have bought for Easter.

Easter gift baskets – Ideas
Chocolate basket – snickers, milky ways, M&M’s, twix, peanut butter cups, skittles, crackers

Spa basket – essential oil bottles, perfume, body scrub, cleansing mask, foot scrub, body cream, bathing salts, body, foot, and hand lotion, shampoo, and scrubber.

Sports basket – T-shirt with images of famous players, sunshades, sports hat, basket ball, tennis racket and ball, baseball, sports books, posters of well known players and sportsmen.

Alcoholic beverage basket – Essentially a gift basket for adults, you can include beer bottles. Beer can be of different types. A bottle of champagne included in the basket is a good idea too.

Easter gift basket for bride or bridegroom – If you are planning to tie the knot sometime before and after Easter, an Easter basket that has few wedding goodies can be of great help. These gifts can include razors, shaving lotion, body wash, deodorant, perfume, electric razor, and after shave gel.

Tea and coffee gift basket – If the person you want to gift on Easter is fond of coffee and tea, you can buy a gift basket for the same. It can contain stuff like tea sachets and coffee sachets. Also included in the gift basket can be creamer and sugar sachets.

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