Durga Puja- Prowess of Maa Durga to Bowl You Over

Durga Puja is a much awaited festival of India and the festival of supreme importance in West Bengal. This festival is celebrated in the Ashwin month of Hindu calendar. According to English calendar, festival of Durga Puja is celebrated in late September or mid of October. During this festival triumph of the honored and admired warrior Goddess Durga over the malevolence buffalo demon Mahishasura is celebrated. In the last five days of Navaratri, this pious festival is celebrated. Maha Ashtami and the Maha Navami are the most auspicious days of Durga Puja. This year Durga Puja will be celebrated from 13th Oct to 17th Oct.

The carnival of Durga Puja is best celebrated in West Bengal, especially in Kolkata. Here, this is the greatest and the most significant annual occasion. People of Bengali communities celebrate this festival across the country with great pomp and show. Delhi and Mumbai also carry extensive festivities of Durga Puja.

With the commencement of this festival, colossal statutes of Goddess Durga are installed in homes. Marvelously adorned podiums are seen throughout the city. When the festival sees an end, there is a parade of statues all over the city. Music and dancing accompanies the parade. Statues are then immersed in the Holy Ganges River.

The very first day of Puja, Goddess Durga is welcomed and the ritual of Pran Pratisthan is observed. Special worship is performed to call upon her sacred being into the statues. Mothers fast for their children’s well-being. Branches of nine trees are tied together on the second day. Then they are dipped in water of River Ganga and then worshipped. The third day, worship of Goddess Durga is done where she is in form of a small girl. On the fourth day, the worship is concluded with lots of food offering to the Goddess. Statues are taken to be immersed in water, the fifth day which is the last day.

This fiesta is a very societal and theatrical. Cultural performances, drama and dance widely take place. Evenings in Kolkata witness flooded streets with people when they come to admire the huge statues of Goddess Durga. At this time, feasting and celebration reach the top. Durga Puja is the festival when Maa Durga showers her blessings copiously on her devotees. Receive her blissful showers this year as this festival is fast approaching.

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