Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

Diwali Diyas
Diwali Diya decoration

Apart from lighting, pooja and sweets, home decoration is another very big task on Diwali. Deity of wealth and prosperity, Goddess Laxmi loves beauty and cleanliness; and blesses the well-kept houses. Make sure to clean every room and exterior of your home. You should start cleaning week ahead of the festival to avoid last moment clubbing of many jobs.

Once done, let’s start decorating the home. Here is a set of Diwali home decoration ideas to help you decorate your house beautifully.

Diwali Decoration Ideas

Rangoli Creation
Diwali decoration

Diwali home decoration ideas varies from person to person according to their budget. Below is a list of decoration tips:

Decorate the House from Outside:
1.Lighting the exterior of the house with LED lights is a trend these days. You can choose various series of the lights, having varied color combination and pattern of decoration.
2. You can combine the lightings with candles, earthen diyas and lanterns.
3. If you have a garden you can decorate your plants with serial lights and hanging lanterns.

Make the Entrance Welcoming:
1. Make rangoli in the doorway or at the main door of your house. You can make rangoli either with the wet/dry colors or you can also use flowers for this purpose. Even there is an option to buy readymade rangoli stickers from the market as well.
2. Adore the rangoli with beautiful flowers and earthen diyas.
3. Decorate entrance with traditional torandwars, bandhanwars and embellished door hangings.
4. Paper lanterns also make a beautiful part at the entrance decoration.

Beautify the Interiors:
1. Place a pair of earthen diyas at every door.
2. Use flower garlands for decorating the pillars, doors, walls. This will give a beautiful look to the interior and fill natural aroma inside the house.
3. New curtains, cushions, bedsheets, rugs or carpets are an effective way to do Diwali home decoration. And if not new then just clean all your cushions etc and give them a press to look tidy and nice.
4. You can also bring in wall hangings and paintings to decorate your house.
5. Drawing Goddess Laxmi’s feet at the doors look very creative and beautiful.
6. Place a large earthen or glass pot filled with water in the living area and decorate it with floating candles and fragrant flowers.

Tips to Make Your Decoration Unique:
Here are unique Diwali decoration ideas to make your home most appealing:
1. Diwali Decoration with Theme: Select a theme for the Diwali home decoration and plan everything according to it. Like if you choose Rajasthani theme you can get Rajasthani printed bedsheets and cushions along with Rajasthani handlooms, sculptures, wall hangings, puppets and paintings, etc. and combine them with earthen diyas, flowers and lights. Similarly your theme can be based on color, work from other states and culture.
2. Eco-friendly Decoration: This Diwali go eco-friendly by recycling used products to decorate your home. You can use your sarees and dupattas as curtains or for wall decoration. You can use old electric bulbs as diyas or as flower vase. Hang all the previous Diwali cards in a series, on a string tied up on the wall. You can use Christmas decorative as well.

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