Diwali Gift Ideas


Apart from the common gifts comprising of fruits, dry fruits, sweets, cutlery sets, etc, let’s go for some unique gift ideas this Diwali.

  1. Gold plated playing cards – As gambling (the famous ‘teen patti’ game) is the most popular pastime activity during the Diwali festival, you can present gold plated playing cards to your friends and relatives. It would cost you a bit but it’s worth the party mood and ‘quintessential’ should be the word for your Diwali present…right?
  2. Casino Chips set – Using cash for playing cards was the thing of the past. With globalization making its presence felt, Indians also love using Casino chips over currency notes. Add that extra prestige and class to your gambling this Diwali with a set of dazzling Casino chips.
  3. Movie tickets – A release of a multi-starrer big budget film with an elite star cast around Diwali has become a norm in Bollywood in recent years. Friends and families not indulging in bursting crackers or gambling, generally make it a point to grab the Diwali Bollywood release. So, booking tickets in advance and presenting them as Diwali gift is undoubtedly a great idea as tickets do get sold off briskly.
  4. Health Insurance Plan – When it comes to festivals, it comes to family. Without family, there’s no cheer, no matter how grandeur the celebrations be. Give your loved ones a long healthy life buy buying them a health insurance. For if they live long, your happiness lives.
  5. Surprise Mobile Recharge – Any gift that could be cherished and becomes a memory for the person receiving it is what we all aim for. Surprise your loved one with a surprise talktime of a good handsome amount and reveal it later. I am sure it would be worth it and is a unique Diwali gift idea, without any second thoughts.

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