Diwali Celebrations

Diwali Celebrations in Different Regions of India
Diwali in Western India

India celebrates Diwali with joy and gaiety but fervor of festivity of this fiesta of lights is no less in other countries. As this festival of light approaches, people make their homes spick and span in order to escape bad fortune in the upcoming year. People have a get together with friends and family for a banquet.

Festive zeal of people reaches the top when they burst firecrackers and exchange sweets. They remarkably brighten their homes to welcome the Hindu goddess Laxmi to receive her blessings for wealth and prosperity. Children also make clay lamps to light their homes and invite the goddess of good luck to their home. They are mainly interested in getting new clothes and toys. On Diwali night, the cities look like oceans carrying copious illuminated clay lamps.

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