Different ways of Dussehra celebration in India

Durga Pujo of kolkata

Durga Puja Celebrations
Interesting Facts about Durga Puja

Durga Pujo of West Bengal is all about grand and colourful pandals, delicious and sacred bhogs, Dhunuchi dance.

Kolkata transforms into this noisy and colourful place with people dressed in traditional clothes.That’s the one time of the year when Kolkata visibly turns into the City of Joy. Must see the last day of Puja famous Sindoor Khela – a very dramatic ceremony where married women dress up in traditional sarees and smear red sindoor on each other. Enjoy fireworks on the last day when the Durga idol is immersed in the River Ganga. Enjoying Durga Puja in Kolkata is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Mysore Dasara

Dasara is a grand affair in Mysore,celebrated with great pomp and show. According to lagent Goddess Chamundeshwari (also called Durga) had killed the demon Mahishasura and this iconic event is celebrated till date with much grandeur.

Many military parades, cultural performances, and athletic contests take place as a part of the Dussehra celebration. The Mysuru Palace is beautifully lit up for ten nights and the special Durbar there is attended by the members of the royal family and by the masses. With the Palace serving as a backdrop, every evening there are programmes with themes that centre around dance, music and the culture of Karnataka. Watch the elephant procession which starts at the Palace and leads up to the Dasara ground. The Goddess Chamundeshwari is worshiped on this day and then mounted on a golden Ambari or an elephant mounted throne for a grand procession throughout the city to showcase the royalty and splendour of Mysore.

Kullu: Dussehra
Dussehra in Kullu takes a different twist. Idols of gods and goddesses are carried on the heads of and brought to Dhalpur Maidan where Lord Raghunath is worshiped. Festivities carry on for seven days, On the last day, a heap of grass and wood on the banks of Beas river is burnt to symbolise the burning of Lanka. Join the fanfare of the procession which is led by the King of Kullu

Mangalore Dasara

The main attraction of Mangalore Dasara, are the various folk art forms like tiger and bear dance which are performed. In this, Young men dress up as tigers and fervently dance through the streets,

accompanied by bands of drummers.. Processions throughout the city carry idols of Navadurgas along with Mahaganapathi and Sharada with folk dances and music.


Dussehra in Barara
Dussehra celebrations

Ravana in Barara, holds the record for being the tallest Ravana effigy in the world. This little town, close to Ambala, is about 80 kilometers from Chandigarh. Every year, the height of the effigy, is increased by a few feet.around two hundred feet now

Delhi Dussehra

Delhi Dussehra
Dusshera in Delhi is one of the most dramatic and entertaining festival.

Dusshera in Delhi is one of the most dramatic and entertaining festival. If you’re in Delhi at Dussehra time, do make sure you catch Ramlilas shows in Delhi, burning of giant effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Meghnad. Actors dressed as Lord Ram and Lakshman shoot lit arrows at the effigies which are stuffed with firecrackers, as the effigies explode to the sounds of cheering crowds in public parks. signifying the victory of good over evil.

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