Dealing With An Ex-Lover

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For some people, dealing with an ex is never easy. You definitely don’t want to become the bitter ex-girlfriend who can’t get over the past, so before you get too bent out of shape just take a deep breath and check out these ways to handle seeing your ex.

There is a famous saying in the love world that a love relationship once broken can never be the same again. Though in some cases this belief has been proved to be wrong also. But what if you are an ardent believer of the above said belief? What if you don’t want your ex-lover back in your life though he/she is trying hard to once again enter your life? One way can be to be very rude and to reveal your feelings to your ex-lover in a straightforward manner. But this way is not really advisable as this could simply make things worse for both you and your ex-lover.

Thus here are some germane tips and ideas that could lend you a helping hand in dealing with your ex-lover and that too in an effective manner.

How To Deal With An Ex-Lover
Dealing With An Ex-Lover


  • If you believe that your ex-lover is having or developing feelings for you then try to avoid him/her or try to make small talks with him/her that last for not more than five minutes.
  • If he/she tries to give you signals that he/she may be interested in you then try to have a complete and detailed talk with him/her and try to open your heart to him/her. Try to put across your feelings to your ex-lover and try to make them realize how you feel without being rude or impulsive.
  • If he/she tries to visit you and make a move then the best way can be of reminding them of all the good and bad things and moments shared by both of you. In this way you can make them realize the fact that maybe it is not such a good idea to spoil the memories shared by just two of you by doing something stupid.
  • If your ex-lover tries to give you signals that he/she is really not interested in trying to make your relationship work then it is best to just let it go and try to become good friends with him/her.
  • If your ex-lover tries to avoid you then it is clear that he/she is trying to give you the signal that either he/she is not very sincere in the relationship or is too shy to reveal his/her true feelings for you.
  • If you also have not been able to forget your love for your ex-lover but don’t want to compromise on things then the best way can be of having a proper discussion with your ex-lover telling him/her about the things that you wouldn’t like to repeat in your new relationship.

    So make use of the above said tips and learn to effectively deal with your ex-lover.


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