Dating Tips

Dating is indeed a stepping stone to the creation of a successful romantic relationship. If you go wrong at it, you’ll probably ruin the emotion between you and your love interest. Though it’s sometimes harder than it should be, but if handled intelligently dating can actually transform your love life. Given below are a few superb dating tips for him and her. Following them seriously can rather help you survive your first date and ensure that there’s a second one soon.

Dating Tips For Women

  1. Plan Ahead

  • When you’re about to go out with a guy you like, don’t forget to do some homework about him. It will help you get his attention during the meeting.
  • Find some common topics to talk about and don’t be shy to share your opinion. Be attentive to what he says and reply accordingly. Be a good listener.

Dating Tips For Women
Find some common topics to talk

2. Don’t ever bring your ex into the conversation

  • Women often make a mistake of comparing their new love interest with an ex.
  • Never mention anything about your ex during the conversation as the guy you’re on a date with, is definitely not interested in knowing the who’s who about your ex.

Cuddling Couple
Never mention anything about your ex during the conversation

3. Be Honest

  • If you are looking for a serious relationship take your date seriously. Honesty is the cornerstone of a quality relation and so don’t go out just to have fun.
  • Date only a guy who is genuinely interested in you. Be honest about yourself as well.

Tips for Dating
Take your date seriously.

4. Get His Attention

  • Don’t settle for anything less than his full attention. If he doesn’t show sincerity to listen to you or have no plans for the date, move on. He may not be genuinely interested in you.
  • Look for signs of his interest like if he asks for your opinion, listens to you carefully and maintain eye contact with him.

Dating Tips for romantic relationship
Look for signs of his interest

5. Act Maturely

  • Don’t get carried away with emotion. This is only a date so don’t start planning for a marriage at once. Save your life’s history for some later date.
  • Men value intelligence and it is your opportunity to show your worth.

Dating Advice

Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

6. Choose your food intelligently

  • The food you choose on your date speaks volumes about your personality
  • Ensure to keep the first food simple and absolutely forgettable. This will enable you to focus on each other rather than the food

Choose your food intelligently

Dating Tips For Men

You think you may have just found Ms. Right, and you have decided to make a move, but you’re falling short of dating ideas. Read on to discover how you can win a girl’s heart on your first date itself. Not only will these dating rules for men ensure your lady friend has an enjoyable evening, but they will also save you the embarrassment of committing dating faux pas later on.

  1. Be utmost confident

  • You’re holding your phone with her number punched in, and you are nervous to tell her that you want to get together. Gather some courage and ask her out. A simple “Let’s go see a movie” is a good start.
  • When she says that she is available, suggest a time and place. Meet in a place that’s convenient for both of you. Ideally speaking, your first date should be in an open place with a lot of people jostling for space, like a coffee shop or a casual lunch joint.
  • If your date is too shy to start a conversation, take the lead yourself. A simple, “Hi, how’s life?” accompanied by a smile can break the ice.

Be utmost confident

2. Never go wrong with your attire

  • Groom like a pro by wearing an outfit that makes you look good and feel comfortable. Girls won’t date guys who look sloppy.
  • If you have a belly, first loose the fat by hitting the gym, then think of going for a Date.
  • The way you dress for your first date says a lot about you. Smart casual is a good choice. Don’t wear Local shirts, jeans, white socks with sandals or maybe a baseball cap to a date.
  • Sort out your tangled hair and get a decent haircut. Don’t expect another date if you are smelling bad.

Never go wrong with your attire

3- Never Be Late For A Date

  • Reach the discussed dating venue on-time or preferably before the girl.
  • Ensure to have enough money to pay for the date and deal with anything that comes up. Not to impress her but as simple courting etiquette.
  • Don’t forget to take a small gift for her….may be some flowers- women like to be pampered.
  • Eye contact and a smile will make your date feel comfortable. Have a conversation on interesting topic. Humor is appreciated, but a woman prefers maturity.

Never be late for a date

4. Don’t forget to compliment her

  • Try to make your date feel good by complimenting on her outfit or her appearance. Women love that the efforts each goes to are noticed by you.
  • If you ever don’t like their attire don’t mention anything, it’s just rude.
  • Don’t talk the whole time, women love to discuss topics that interest them. Ask them about their own hobbies.

Don’t forget to compliment her

5. Turn off your phone

  • Always pay attention to your date by listening to her, giving attention to her questions, and calling her by name. Listen more; talk less. If it seems like you are ignoring her, her ego might get hurt. Try to listen to her when she speaks, women appreciate it if they know you are paying attention. Don’t forget to switch off your smartphone while having a conversation.

Turn off your phone

6. Follow all the basic etiquette of a ‘Man’

  • Don’t smoke on dates and do not get drunk.
  • Having basic manners, chivalry and courtesy attracts women. Be polite with her making sure to say “Thank You” and “Please” when necessary. They love to be treated with respect. If everything is going well, you can ask about the possibility of another date.

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