Coronavirus: how to help children through lock down and isolation

School closures mean kids will be spending a lot more time at home. Here’s some advice on how to cope.

Children and young people’s lives are punctuated with school times, home time, meal times and bed times. Don’t let this go out the window. Keep a schedule of daily activities, including reading and Dive into subjects you can easily do at home, such as reading, history, geography, music, writing, and maths sessions.Make use of technology to help children continue learning, and use activities such as baking, art and garden time.

Parents will be strongly tempted to make their kids sit in front of screens for multiple hours a day, just to get their own work done, but this isn’t healthy, nor is it fair to kids who deserve more of an active role from their parents, especially if they’re missing school. I think it’s reasonable to let them some tv time but only after everything else has been completed, i.e. household chores, schoolwork, reading assignments, music practices.

Make stuff

Engage the kids in creative activities of all kinds. Stock up on craft supplies Make paintings, knit a scarf, start a daily sketchbook journal, create a stash of cute pop-up cards, sew a baby quilt, make a scrapbook. Teach them how to bake cookies and bread and how to make simple dinners such as homemade mac ‘n cheese, vegetable soup, and pasta sauce. Build an awesome cardboard box fort, tree fort, or set up an indoor tent. Redecorate a bedroom.

Some useful ideas of various types of crafts are given below


Pressed Flower Coasters

Flower Coasters craft
Pressed Flower Coasters

Bring the charm of the spring onto your dining table with these colorful pressed flower coasters winking through the Glass which are both unique and handy.

You Need:

  • 12 Glass squares
  • Pressed flowers in bright shades
  • Pincers
  • Craft glue (clear drying)
  • Banker’s Clip
  • ¼” silvered copper foil tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pencil


1. Wipe the glass squares carefully with a paper wipe to clean the surface.
2. Carefully place the pressed flower with the help of a pincer on the glass square. Secure it with a small drop of glue and let it dry for some time. Repeat the same with 5 more glass squares.
3. When the glue is dry, place the second glass square carefully on top of the previous and align the edges.
4. Hold the squares with banker’s clip, and begin wrapping the tape on the edges covering the perimeter of the glass. Snip off the tape neatly from the edges.
5. Rub the sides with a pencil for a tighter and smooth seal.
6. Do not submerge these coasters in water, as the tape is non-resistant to water.


Bedazzled Doily Luminaries

Bedazzled Doily Luminaries

Using Dainty Doilies and scented candles, make these romantic luminaries which are sure to become a collector’s pride. You can always add an extra zing with the addition of bright colored ribbons, buttons and sequins.

You Need:

1. Glass jars
2. Transparent Glue spray
3. Doilies (cloth or paper, both will do)
4. Ribbons, buttons and sequins

Step 1: Wash and dry the glass jars thoroughly.
Step 2: Spray the doilies with transparent glue spray and paste it on the dry glass jars carefully. Make sure that the doilies don’t get bunched up anywhere.
Step 3: Now, carefully spray the rim of the glass jar with glue and wrap a ribbon around it such that you can make a bunny knot.
Step 4: Bedazzle the doilies with glimmering sequins and adorn the ribbon with buttons.

Ribbon Shoes

Ribbon Shoes

Beautiful fabric ribbons can bring spring right to your feet. Give a makeover to the boring shoes with this festive spring craft.

You Need:

1. A pair of slip-on shoes
2. Bright Tafetta ribbon
3. Hot glue gun

1. Cut two broad lengths of tafetta ribbon.
2. Pinch the ribbon in the middle making a bow shape.
3. Secure this pinch with a small dab of hot glue.
4. Cover this pinch with a snip of the same ribbon secured at the back with hot glue and make a bow shape.
5. Put a blob of hot glue on both the ribbon and shoe surface.
6. Press the bow onto the shoe for a few second.
7. Your spring shoes are ready to dazzle your feet.

Spring on your T-Shirt

Crafts for kids
Spring on your T-Shirt

This effortless customized potato stamp will help you welcome spring in style onto your t-shirts.

You Need:

1. Large sized Potato
2. Flower Cookie cutter
3. Aspic Cutter for leaves
4. Knife
5. Fabric paints


1. Slice potato lengthwise from middle.
2. Using flower cookie cutter, poke one half of the potato and form the shape.
3. Spread a thin film of fabric paint evenly on the potato shape and wipe off excess paint from the edges for a neater pattern.
4. Place a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt where the pattern is to be stamped.
5. Stamp the flower shape onto the shirt firmly pressing down for a few seconds.
6. Let the paint dry completely.
7. Your spring t-shirt is now ready to be worn.

Floral Napkin Rings

 Napkin Rings
Floral Napkin Rings

These beautiful bright colored napkin holders are sure to brighten up your home décor and add a special touch of spring to the dining table.

You Need:

1. Tissue papers in bright colors (same size).
2. Matching thin ribbons
3. Scissors
4. Paper towel rolls
5. Hot glue gun


1. Take four tissue papers of same color and stack them up.
2. Fold the tissue napkins in accordion style till the other end.
3. Neatly press the creases when you are done folding.
4. Tie in center with a piece of matching ribbon.
5. Cut the tips of the tissue napkins as to make the edges curvy.
6. Gently fluff the flower by pulling one piece of tissue paper up at a time.
7. Take a paper towel roll and press it flat. Cut 1” strips from the cylindrical shaped roll.
8. Dab a small blob of glue from hot glue gun and gently paste the flower onto the ring so made.
9. Voila! Beautiful Floral Napkin Rings are ready.

Striped Tablecloth

Striped Tablecloth

Transform a humble canvas into an elegant tablecloth with French country flavor.

You need:

1.”6ft.x 9ft.” canvas drop cloth
2. 1/4” Grout tape
3. Fabric paint (red)
4. Paint brush


STEP 1: Wash and dry the canvas drop cloth thrice to soften the fabric.
STEP 2: Lay down the cloth flat on the floor.
STEP 3: Widthwise, paste a strip of grout tape down the middle of the canvas. On either side of the first tape, paste two additional pieces of tape, 1/4 inch apart with a total of five strips now.
STEP 4: Dab a brush in red fabric paint. Lightly brush the area in between the grout tape with red fabric paint.
STEP 5: Apply two to three coats for a fine finish. Let the paint dry for a while and then remove the tape.
Your elegant tablecloth is ready to adorn the centre table with French country flavor.

Wallpaper Tree

Spruce up a blank surface with this enchanted forest patterned mural which is made from wallpaper remnants.

You Need:

  • Wall paper remnants.
  • Pencil/eraser
  • Glue Paste
  • Scissors


Step 1: Draw a basic tree trunk on the reverse side of a sheet of wallpaper. Cut out the desired shape from the wallpaper in desired height.
Step 2: On another piece of the same patterned wallpaper, draw branches of various sizes and shapes, taking the previous one as a base stencil. Cut out these branches.
Step 3: With the help of a glue paste, paste these cutouts on the wall in the right order with the paper trunk first, then the branches.
Step 4: Let the tree dry for a while. In the mean time, trim scraps of other bright colored wallpaper scraps into leaf shapes about 60 to 70 in number. Paste these leaves on to the wall such that they appear to be budding from the branches.

Your beautiful art mural will become a reason of envy to your neighbors.

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