Cool Birthday Gift Ideas

Discover unique gifts for everyone in your life. From innovative tech and kitchen gadgets to personalized gifts, you’ll love these cool and unusual gift ideas.

A birthday boy or girl is showered with gifts from his friends and family. But if there is nothing special about your gift, there is always a chance that it would be completely overlooked amidst a host of others. The birthday person just might not care to cherish it with any extra affection. So it’s always better to go for a cool gift that is sure to be kept aside as a special one.

You would come up with a cool gift if you are careful in your search and don’t grab just anything that you come across. A well thought of gift considering the person’s tastes, is always the coolest as it makes the birthday person realize that you really care.
Discover unique gifts for everyone in your life. From innovative tech and kitchen gadgets to personalized gifts, you’ll love these cool and unusual gift ideas.

Here are some ideas to help you chose the coolest gift your birthday boy has ever had.

Personalized gifts

Birthday Gift Ideas
Personalized gift Ideas

The grooviest gifts are the personalized ones. You can personalize anything form a photo frame to a candy bar.

Wine bottle

Birthday Gift ideas for Boys
Wine bottle

A wine or a beer bottle with the birthday person’s name on the label would be the great birthday present. Personalized mugs would complete the set and make the person recall you whenever he takes a sip!


You can gift the birthday girl a pendant

Jewelry is always the most coveted gift for a woman. You can gift the birthday girl a birthstone pendant or a bracelet with her initials carved.


Sweet Fragrance perfume

It would also be a good idea to personalize a bottle of perfume with the pretty woman’s picture on the label.

Cosmetic boxes


Makeup Kit
Cosmetic boxes

Cosmetic boxes are equally good to be welcomed as cool birthday gifts.

Electronic gadgets

Birthday Gifts
Electronic gadgets

The birthday guys would love to have electronic gadgets and toiletries for their birthday. You can even think of a t-shirt with the person’s photo printed. T-shirts with a witty line or two would be also cool!

Adventurous Trip

Plan an off route bike trip, or bungee jumping
Adventurous Trip

If the birthday person is adventurous enough, it would be a great idea to gift him something crazy and wild for his birthday. Plan an off route bike trip, or take him to bungee jumping or scuba diving. This would surely be the coolest gift for the day, and an experience that calls for a thousand thanks!

Gag gifts
Gag gifts are super cool ones. You can either hunt for a prank to split the birthday boy’s sides or think of a gift unfit enough to be a hilarious gag. There are stinking flowers, mirrors that distort your face, pens with a vanishing ink… these presents are so funny that one is bound to preserve them!

Handmade gifts
Handmade gifts are also unique as they carry the warmth of the one who has slaved to make it. You need not be an expert craftsman to make your dear one something. It’s in fact, your effort and concern that counts and even if the gift has ended up in a complete muddle, it would definitely be treasured fondly.


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