Commonwealth Games Wallpapers

Commonwealth Games 2010 has Shera as the mascot. Shera is a loving name given to sher (Hindi) and Tiger (English). The Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India and Shera is an anthropomorphizing form of the same. Emerged as a character of strength, athletic prowess and intelligence; Shera warmly welcomes the international players on its motherland to participate in a fair play. Within a short time his fame has brought him to wallpapers. These days maximum wallpapers are occupied by Shera.

Shera’s popularity is celebrated in form of various wallpapers. You can find him on desktops and mobile screens. His pleasant smile and cool attire easily attract people towards him. In wallpapers, he is seen standing in different postures. At some places, he will be posing with his never fading cheerful smile; at some other places you can see him holding the flag of India. Yet at some more places, he is seen standing with folded hands in true Indian spirit of welcome. The list of variety of Commonwealth Games wallpapers goes on and on. No doubt, wallpapers of Shera are in great demand.

Download these beautiful wallpapers:

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