Christmas Wish List

How many times have you thought of making a list this Christmas in which you decide what to gift to your friends, co-workers and family this Christmas? Probably too many times but when have you actually made the list? Well, we know you haven’t. So, here we sit and decide the wish list at the first place. If you have not made a Christmas gift list yet then it is time to add these trending gifts to your wish list.

Consider adding the following items  -

Books for book lovers –

Books as gifts

If you have got some book lovers around you then you will not have to face great trouble while choosing gifts as you know you can gift them books. Well, we all know difficulty lies in choosing which book to gift to them. Well, if your friends or family members are Potterhead (Harry Potter fans) then it is the best gift to be presented to them. You can gift your friends a series of Harry Potter Novels or accessories related to it. Also, books of evergreen writers like Leo Tolstoy, Emily Dickinson etc. can be considered to gift this Christmas.

Tech gifts for teenage boys –

Gift a laptop
Electronic gadgets

These days the youngsters are driven by technology. So, why not gift them something exclusive this Christmas.

A wifi camera –

Digital camera
Present Ideas


Give your little brother or friend a smart wifi camera and make their Christmas extremely rocking. Surprise them with this extraordinary, expensive and really thoughtful gift.

A smartphone –

Best Gifting Ideas for teen girls
Mobile Phones

In case the person is really close and dear to you then you can surely present them a stunning smartphone which will make them go gaga over it.


Fashion accessories for teenage girls –

Creative Gift ideas

Seeing a beautiful piece of jewelry can make a girl’s heart melt. You can consider gifting the following to your friend, sister or girlfriend –

Geometric earrings –

Geometric earrings

The Geometric pattern is the new trend and geometric earrings would be a perfect gift this Christmas which will dazzle in the ears of your girl.

Boots –

Stylish Boots

Let your girl make a major fashion statement by gifting her a pair of wonderful boots. Remember the boots should be comfortable and stylish as well.

Mini gifts for all –

Some gifts can be gifted to anyone in the family or in the friend list. For example –

A scrapbook for creative members – You can present a blank scrapbook to your artistic friends or relatives who are really interested in doing something extraordinary. Gift a blank scrapbook to them and ask them to fill it with wonderful holiday season memories of this year. This would be a smart gift for you to present someone as you will have to do no hard work.

A basketball bowl – You can gift your near and dear ones a cool bowl which appears like a basketball. This gift will not only appear unique but will also become of the coolest cereal bowls on the table.

Flexible phone holder – If you want to Netflix and chill or watch your any favorite series but holding the phone is a new trouble then worry not. A flexible phone holder is the best Christmas gift this season. Clip your phone to any surface and stream wherever you want with the help of this amazing flexible phone holder.

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