Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas tree lights are sometimes also known as twinkle lights or fairy lights. They are wisps of electric lights that are used to beautify Christmas trees during the season of Christmas. Christmas tree lights are available in a vast range of shapes, styles and scintillating colors. These lights not only adorn your Christmas tree but also add a gleaming beauty to your home. The beautiful color of joy and brightness enhances in your home with these lights. In the following page, you will find a good deal of information about these lights for Christmas tree. Read and be beneficent.

History of Christmas Tree Lights
The use of Christmas tree lights started in the middle of the 17th century. At that time little candles were attached to the ends of tree branches with pins and wax. In 1882 the American custom of using electric lights commenced. It came into vogue when an associate of Thomas Edison, Edward Johnson hand-wired 80 white, blue and red bulbs and wound them around a gyratory evergreen tree. Then, President Grover Cleveland in 1895 set up a lighted Christmas tree in the White House and the common public started noticing it. So the tradition began. At the beginning of the past century, stores began putting up huge illuminated trees to magnetize customers. On this trend, parties of high society also followed. The credit of popularizing Christmas tree lighting is given to Albert Sadacca.

Kinds of Christmas Tree Lights

Net Lights – These lights are spread in a net like structure. You can hang them anywhere and they are very fine-looking. A starlit effect is created by these lights.

LED Lights - Approximately 60% less energy is used by these lights and they are equally beautiful. They are available in a vast variety of shapes and colors.

Rope lights – These lights are the most common and most famous of all types of lights. These lights are attached with a rope and are arranged in a particular pattern. On a tall Christmas Tree they look very beautiful. Strings and Bulbs-Strings and bulbs are another kind of lights. They are attached with a string of wires. You can select the same color strings or can opt for different colors of strings, which looks eye-catching.

Theme Lights – These lights are based on particular themes and colors, if you want to beautify your home with a specific theme then these theme lights are perfect for you.

Mini Lights - The beautiful Mini Lights belong to other variety of Christmas lights. They look very attractive. With the Christmas tree lights mentioned in the account above, decorate your home with the kind of lights you want. With these lights for Christmas tree you can add more glitter to your life. May be the fairy magic stick is your fantasy but the authentic fairy lights will be shining in your home in form of Christmas tree lights to glisten your life for the whole year.

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