Christmas Traditions

Apart from Easter, Christmas is one of the most well known and truly significant celebrations marked on the Christian Calender, being celebrated with much pomp and fanfare the world over by Christians and joined in by non -Christians as well.Christmas Traditions and Customs vary slightly from region to region with some aspects remaining constant and consistent.

Christmas Tree

  • The Christmas Tree happens to be the universal leitmotif of the festive season and is sighted all over the globe come Yuletide.


Christmas Stockings

  • The installation and subsequent decoration and illumination of Christmas Trees is done with zeal as the Holiday Season approaches.
  • Another convention immensely well loved by children is that of hanging ”Christmas Stockings”.
  • A Christmas stocking or sock is an empty stocking or similar shaped bag that pops up around the house, come Christmas time. The belief associated with hanging the same is that Santa Claus is supposed to fill them up with goodies ranging from toys, treats, coins, candy and all that’s nice- provided you have been nice the year round!



Candy Cane

  • Another Christmas tradition omnipresent is that of savoring Candy Cane, one for the sweet -toothed. candy canes are cane shaped hard candy sticks that are white with red stripes. They also find their way to the Christmas tree as dainty decorations.

candy cane

Christmas carols

  • Christmas celebrations would not quite be the same without the melodious strains of Carols that waft gently, cutting through the nip in the wintry air, filling the hearts of young and old alike with warmth and good cheer’.
  • A Christmas carol is a song or a hymn whose lyrics are based on Christmas. Popular Christmas carols that have been sung over the ages and can still be heard every Christmas are ”Joy to the World”, ”Hark! the Herald Angels Sing”, and ” Silent Night”.


Nativity scene

  • A Nativity Scene (or Play), is the special depiction of the events which lead up to and surrounded the birth of Jesus Christ. This forms an integral part of traditional Christmas celebrations all over the world, particularly in countries with large numbers of Christians.
  • A Nativity Scene comprises figures (real or artificial) depicting the infant Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph. Other characters include Angels, Shepherds and farm animals, particularly sheep. They are usually positioned around baby Jesus’s crib or manger. An ox or donkey also figure in a Nativity Scene.

nativity scene

Christmas cards

  • The sending and receiving of Christmas Cards, Christmas Messages or Holiday Cards as they are known in the United States, is an age old and inseparable part of Christmas. The same are normally mailed out during the weeks preceding Christmas Day, December 25th, which is a Public Holiday the world over.

Christmas Carol

Santa Claus

  • Who hasn’t heard of Santa Claus! the jolly, ever smiling, rotund red and white attired, bearded, overgrown elf who carries a sack stuffed with goodies…the mere mention of his name makes any child’s eyes light up with anticipatory glee.
  • Be it embellishing the Christmas Tree, or making beautiful hand made Christmas Cards, Baking scrumptious Christmas puddings and pies – Christmas Traditions are loved by one and all!

Merry Christmas !


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