Christmas Symbols

  • The kindness of Christmas Father is synonymous with the generosity of Lord Jesus. The presents the Santa Claus doles out are gels with the wish of Christ.


  • The bright snow of Christmas is a symbol of sanctity that redeems the spirits of sinful people. Christmas tree, Christmas garlands and various plants such as Holly, Mistletoe, and Christmas Poinsettia are those emblems of Christmas that fill our life with eternal happiness.


  • The harmonious Christmas carols stand for the reverence that people give to Jesus Christ and the joy that people feel with the coming of every Christmas.3


  • The making of gingerbread eatables and the plum pudding symbolizes the age old tradition of celebration of Christmas in a very genuine and loving way.

  • The various accessories, decoration stuff and great goodies that are hung on the Christmas trees ensures that loads of essential items as well as luxury items remain in our life forever.

  • And an every year practice of using them as Christmas tree ornaments calls for celebrations every year.

  • These significant Christmas symbols bless us with good luck and oodles of happiness. Thus every Christmas tree can be found to contain them.

  • Other important Christmas symbols include Christmas candles that occupy not only the Christmas tree but also every pocket of our house. We light up candles to enliven our house and we make sure that they are present in varying shades. Moreover, our Christmas worship also starts with luminous Christmas candles that are synonymous with Christ’s birth. Many Christians refer Christmas candles as life-giving energies and many consider as an emblem of woman’s virginity as the candles are used in many religious and marriage ceremonies.8

  • Next comes the Christmas emblem called the Christmas bells. At Christmas, we bring lots of these bells to our homes that ensure music and tranquility in our homes. A general belief about these Christmas bells is that the innocent lambs and sheep that were present at the time of Christ’s birth wore them. Therefore, keeping the harmonious bells at home almost throughout the year is a very felicitous emblem of Christmas.


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