Christmas Stockings/Gifts in a sock

Christmas StockingsNo matter how many gifts one receives on Christmas the real excitement lies in the bags from where the gifts suddenly emerge. And those secret containers are referred as Christmas stockings. They appear like the socks that we wear and differ in shapes, sizes and patterns. The enchanting outside decoration very suitably resembles the internal elements. And such a makeup of stockings is deliberately done because it shows that the gifts stuffed inside are as fabulous as the good-looking stocking.

  • Significance of Christmas Stockings is that they act like gift wrappers. And because they conceal Christmas gifts.
  • The essence of these wrapper-like personalized Christmas stockings lasts forever. Every time when we open up or unwrap our Christmas stockings, we become more that happy to get a whole lot of aspired gifts.
  • Although the gifts that we receive get used up and after a gap of time we no longer contain them, but when it comes to Christmas stockings, a long time use at every consequent Christmas keeps making their presence felt every time.
  • Germany is the country that played a pioneering role of introducing the trend of stockings for Christmas.
  • According to the fashion that has been practiced, the usual quantity of gifts that a stocking can hold amounts to five. And the number five directly relates to our five senses.
  • The interrelation of gifts and senses is a justifiable thing because the ultimate purpose of gifts is to satisfy desires and senses of human beings.
  • Another special thing about a gift and gift wrapper is that both of them should be arresting and appealing to senses.
  • Keeping this point in mind, the stockings for Christmas serve a special purpose of inducing the senses. The enigmatic designs, fabulous stocking holders and oodles of gifts that are associated with the stockings for the Christmas season doubles their religious significance and the predictable trend is that they will continue to do so in all times to come.

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