Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party
Christmas Party Ideas

Looking for fun Christmas party themes to take your winter celebration to the next level? Choose from these options.

Christmas is a time of red, green and white, of candy canes and sweet plum cakes, of Christmas carols and presents for kids and of course the delight of all children, our very own Father Christmas or Santa Claus! It is a festival celebrated worldwide in different ways. Many people host Christmas parties on this occasion to celebrate with friends and family.

Here are a few party ideas one can keep in mind while Ho-Ho-Hoing away during the festivities!

Christmas Party Invites

Christmas Invitations
Christmas Party Invites
  • The first step in ensuring that your party would be the talk of town is to invite all your guests personally, preferably with innovative invitations.
  • With the advent of technology, communication has become so much easier. Perhaps you can dress up as Santa and mail a video to your guests, inviting them over to your place for a party.
  • Or traditionally, you can pick those pretty, intricately made party invites from your nearest store. A sweet and simple phone call or a combination of all the above would do as well! Just be sure to contact your guests on a personal basis!

Christmas Party Theme

  • To start with organizing a party, perhaps one of the most important things is its theme.
  • It could be related to a specific dress code. For instance, you can tell all your guests to wear red , calling it “Paint the town red” party or tell them to wear Santa hats.
  • To make it more interesting and quirky, you can tell them to wear elf ears or paint their noses red like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, with reindeer antler headbands that are easily available online on sites such as ebay and Amazon.

Christmas Party Decorations

Christmas tree
Christmas Decoration
  • There is nothing like a beautiful Christmas tree to illuminate your house and add a sparkle to it.
  • You can either use an artificial Christmas tree (as most people do in places where real ones are not readily available) or use a real one (if available).
  • They can be decorated with white fairy lights, colorful tinsel, and other Christmas ornaments such as baubles, angels, and snowflakes. And oh! Not to forget the Christmas stockings that you can hang by the fireplace or even on your tree.

Christmas Party Food and music

Christmas Party Food
Christmas Party Food and music

“Food is music to the body, music is food to the heart” says Gregory David Roberts.

  • After all, what is a party without sumptuous snacks and foot tapping music? Although there are various Christmas dishes specific to different countries and cultures, among them the most common include roast turkey or chicken with/without stuffing, fruit cakes, puddings, pies and custards, a whole array of candies such as rum balls, candy canes, mints, lollipops, marshmallow bites, fudge and all things nice.
  • Veggie delights can substitute turkey/chicken with mushroom quiche, potato and onion patties, grilled cheese sandwiches , potato chips, and waffles! You can arrange these tidbits in colorful trays and serve them to guests.
  • For drinks you can top it off with glasses of red wine or a non-alcoholic drink such as cranberry juice. To keep the merriment going, you can download Christmas songs such as “Jingle Bells” and “Santa Claus is coming to town” off the internet and play them on your docking system or laptop speakers.
  • Another good idea is to give your guests printouts of the lyrics of Christmas carols so you can all sing together. What could be even more fun is to arrange for a karaoke system if possible and keep a “Most entertaining/Best Carol Singer” competition, giving all nightingales and bathroom singers a chance to display their talents!
  • Lastly, you can give return gifts to your guests as mementos or little tokens of remembrances. These can include snow globes , chocolate boxes, printed scarves for women and ties for men.

Christmas Party Favor Ideas
Christmas Party Favor Ideas 1:
Fringed Christmas party horns in bright colors are one of the best party favors to reflect the yuletide spirit.

Christmas Party Favor Ideas 2:
Shiny Christmas foil hats and caps with Merry Christmas written on them is a great choice as the Christmas party favor for your guests.

Christmas Party Favor Ideas 3:
Miniature of Santa Claus, Christmas hampers filled with candies, party poppers and Christmas trays with homemade cookies and candies would be just the right kind of party favor top augment the spirit of the day.



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