Christmas Flowers Poinsettia

Christmas flowers
Christmas flowers poinsettia

Christmas flowers have always been our favorite and we use a variety of Christmas flowers to decorate our places and gift special people in our life with Christmas flowers to make them realize that they are really special in our life. You can also buy Christmas flowers yourself and use them as your Christmas centerpiece as Christmas flowers like Poinsettia are really bright and beautiful that will surely enhance the beauty of your place.

Poinsettia color

Poinsettia flowers
Poinsettia color

Among various Christmas flowers poinsettias are the favorites of people as you may come across poinsettia flowers of different colors like red poinsettia, pink poinsettia and white poinsettia. You can make a choice for the color of poinsettia flower that you think will appeal you. Poinsettia flowers of different colors have their own beauty as each flower color symbolizes a specific meaning.

Poinsettia History

Christmas Poinsettia
Poinsettia History

Poinsettia is among the favorite flowers in the United States known for its good-looking, red, star like structure. This poinsettia plant in Central America it is identified as the “Flame Leaf” or “Flower of the Holy Night”. Today this poinsettia is well accepted in US, as the American colonist were not familiar about this poinsettia plant a long time back. A citizen of Mexico, Dr. Joel Poinsett the first US representative to Mexico brought this poinsettia flower over a hundred years ago and since then these poinsettia flowers are known and most of the poinsettias flowers used today come from California.

Poinsettia Myth

Poinsettia plants
Poinsettia Myth

The tale of the poinsettia is associated with Mexico. The story is all about a girl, Maria and her small brother, Pablo. These two kids were poor but always waited for Christmas festival. For every year Christmas celebration a big manger panorama was set up in the village church, and the days just before the Christmas day were filled with processions and gatherings. These two children loved Christmas but were always disheartened, as they had no money to buy Christmas gifts. They always wished if they could gift something to the Baby Jesus of the church just like others did.

On one Christmas Eve, these two kids Maria and Pablo went to church to attend the service. On their way to church they pulled out some wild flowers growing along the wayside and decided to gift it to the Baby Jesus in the manger scene. All the other children teased them when they arrived with their gift, but they never said anything, as they knew they had given what they could have given. Maria and Pablo began placing the green wild flowers around the manger and amazingly the green leaves started turning into bright red petals, and soon beautiful star-like flowers bounded the manger and today we see those green wild flowers turning into red petals as poinsettia plants.

Poinsettia Care

Poinsettia  care tips
Poinsettia Care

A poinsettia is a beautiful Christmas flower admired by people as this poinsettia flower enhances beauty of your place. When this poinsettia plant gives your place a better look then it is your duty to make sure that you take care of this poinsettia plant in the best way. The time till which this poinsettia plant will enhance your places beauty depends on:

  • Development of plant
  • When did you buy the plant
  • Your treatment with the plant

Poinsettia Plant Care Tips

Poinsettia Plant
Poinsettia Plant Care Tips
  • Soon after you purchase the poinsettia plant make sure that it is not exposed to low temperatures, as it will spoil the bracts and leaves of poinsettia plant.
  • Six hours of exposure to daylight is perfect and try keeping it exposed to indirect light.
  • Keep poinsettia plants away from highly warm and cold temperature conditions.
  • Add water to plant only when it is dry and allow excess water to drain.
  • Apply fertilizers to plant but not when the plants blossoms.

So try to buy a poinsettia this Christmas and take its care in the best way.

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