Christmas Flowers

Christmas Poinsettia
Christmas Flowers

Spread a little bit of magic this season with fresh Christmas flowers perfect for every home.

    • How wanting a celebration would be without flowers? Jingle bells and carols, plenty of gifts, candy canes and tinsels hung on a tree, delicious desserts, jolly bearded men, and beautiful flowers bring out the holiday spirit of Christmas.

    • As the legend goes, when the Christ was born, wise men brought precious gifts as offerings for baby Jesus. But, a shepherd maid named Madelon had nothing to offer. So, in grief she began to weep. Seeing this, an angel touched the snow beside her, thus transforming the snow to beautiful white flowers which she offered it to the Christ.

    • In the midst of winter snow and frost, bright Christmas flowers bear the promise of spring and of new life. The bright colors of Christmas flowers add warmth and charm to the festive spirit. However, every Christmas flower has a meaning to offer.

    • Poinsettia and Amaryllis are known for red and green foliage and are widely used in Christmas floral displays. Holly is considered as the symbol of good luck and masculinity. It is believed to have the powers to ward off evil and fill the air with positive energy. Its fruits ripen in winter and its cut branches are an important part of every Christmas decoration.
Christmas Flowers Amaryllis
Poinsettia and Amaryllis are known for red and green foliage and are widely used in Christmas floral displays

    • Since the Roman era, mistletoe is considered as the symbol of peace. It also has several medicinal uses. Since spreading peace on earth was the main mission of the Christ, mistletoe also became a widely used symbol of peace for Christmas.
Mistletoe Flowers

    • The ivy flower is associated with resurrection. In Greek mythology, ivy is the symbol of resurrection of Attis, the Greco-Roman god. In Egyptian mythology, ivy is associated with the resurrection of Egyptian god Orisis. Ivy is also the symbol of true love and friendship and is widely used on Christmas.


    • Poinsettia in Mexico is associated with the star of Bethlehem and hence, considered holy. Poinsettia has many stories associated with the birth of the Christ.
Poinsettia care tips
Poinsettia Care

    • Christmas roses are sometimes referred to as winter or snow rose. So, Christmas flowers are the best way to brighten up one of the most holy day of the year.
Christmas rose flower
Christmas roses

  • Gifting Christmas flowers to friends and relatives is the best way to offer warm wishes to the ones you care for. So this Christmas try getting some beautiful Christmas flowers, and the colors will brighten up your life all throughout the year.

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