Out of the Box Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Tree Ornaments
Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas is here and it’s time to decorate the house, outdoor area and also the tables. Here, we have teamed up a few ideas to present some decorating tips for the season. Make sure you check out all the out of box ideas of our list -

To decorate a Christmas tree

Tree Ornaments
Candy Cane And Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Silver spoon Santa – You can make the prettiest silver spoon for decorating your Christmas tree. Get your spoon ready and also your color palette for decorating a beautiful spoon. Start by bending the spoon a bit. Make sure you take a metal spoon and bend the handle only. Also, check that the surface of the spoon should be smooth. Use small and large brushes to paint the spoon. Divide the spoon into three colors. Start by making a red cap at the top followed by skin color for face and at last white for the beards. Do not forget to add smaller details like the eyes, mouth and also mustaches.

Dinosaur shaped decoration for the tree – You can decorate your Christmas tree in a completely unique way. Try making dinosaur shaped toy for decorating your Christmas tree. You can use colorful clay and mold it in order to make a little cute dinosaur. Once you make the dinosaur do not forget to place a hanger at its neck so that you may hang it on the tree.

Christmas ornaments decoration

Unique Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Ornaments

Old keys ornaments – We often lose the old keys but many a time when we replace locks we have duplicates of the keys which go waste. This time you can use all old keys of the house for Christmas decoration. Collect all old keys of the house and paint them with beautiful colors. You can also add glitters to them once the paint gets dried. Take the keys and colorful ribbons and tie at them at the end of each key. Hang the keys on the tree using those ribbons. Also, wrap the tree with the same ribbons. Do not forget to take long ribbons.

Snowflake wine cork ornament – This is considered as one of the most genius creation from the waste. This ornament is extremely easy to make. All you need to do is collect the corks placed at the top of wine bottles and place them in shape of snowflakes. Once you are able to place them properly stick them together. Tie a ribbon or a clip at one corner of the snowflake in order to hang them at the tree.

Christmas table decoration
Keep colorful napkins – This time go for non -traditional decoration for tables. Instead of going for a typical red and green decoration, this time opt for an unconventional decoration of lamps and colorful napkins. Try to place multi-colored napkins on the table with every bright color present on the table. This is surely going to enrich the feels of Christmas. You can match the tablecloth with the napkins too.

Say no to formal decoration and use potted plants – If you are inviting your friends for an amazing Christmas dinner then surely try to give your table a personal touch. Add more colors to the dining room and spread more joy. Use potted plants to make the table appear different and gorgeous at the same time. This time do not synchronize the tablecloth, crockery and napkins rather try mismatch.

Christmas wreath decoration
Snowflake wreath – There are several ways of making beautiful wreaths but this time we are presenting a wreath which can be made by beginners as well. All you need to do is collect pieces of a puzzle and keep them together in the shape of a snowflake. Now, paste those pieces together in order to make a circular wreath. All you need to do is paste silver glitter over the pieces of the puzzle and decorate it to make it appear more beautiful. You can also paste mirrors for giving it a more shiny touch. When all the pieces of the puzzle will combine together they will make a beautiful wreath made of snowflakes.

Your name letter wreath – This time do not go for heavily decorated wreath rather keep it simple and make wreaths using the initials of your name and the name of your family members. All you need to do is use cardboard and carve the initials of a name on it. Cut those initials name and stick them together in a circular shape. You can decorate it further with stars and little balls.

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