Christmas Decoration Ideas and Tips

Christmas is the season of charm, beauty and decorations. It is the festival to get together with family members and decorate your house with beautiful decorative Christmas ornaments. Christmas decorations are more important then any other festive decorations.

  • Traditional Christmas decorations include Christmas tree, crib, fake snowflakes, lights, holly leaves, mistletoe, lights and stars.

  • Winter flowers are also a very important part of Christmas decorations. They are used in Christmas flower bouquets, floral arrangements and center table decorations.

  • Holly leaves and berries can be used to decorate doors and windows. You can hang holly leaves wreath at the main door to welcome your guests on Christmas.

  • Other items for Christmas decorations are snowman, pine cones, scented candles and Christmas bells. You can add magic to your Christmas decorations only by applying a bit of your creativity and imagination.

  • You can make it unique if you use fake Snowflakes in a larger size to give frizzy look in your Christmas decoration. Use snowflake ornaments, cotton snow and tin icicles for the decoration on trees, seating arrangement and even table setting.

  • Santa sledge and reindeer can beautify the seating area in your back yard during Christmas party.

  • A forest theme is much easier to do in a large lawn along with twig bird nests, pine cones, oak leaves, raffia bows, twig garlands, acorns and clusters of berries.

  • Foody themes for outdoor Christmas parties can include bar-be-cue- parties where cooking is done by Santa, candies on Christmas trees and wreaths and chocolate Christmas cakes.

  • Choose a rustic theme for wood cabins, lodges and country farmhouses, complete with crackling fire and raffia bows.

  • If you live in a region where you are blessed enough to play with fresh snow on Christmas, you can build a cute snowman too.

  • Put enough light when planning a Christmas party outdoors.

Christmas Church Decorations-

Having the right Christmas church decorations does create the perfect ambiance for the festivities and religious services. Below, you will find some ideas on how to adorn a church on this occasion.

Ideas for Christmas Church Decorations

Using evergreens:

  • Adorn the entrance to the church and its surroundings with wreaths and boughs made of evergreen vines and plants like Ivy and Holly.

  • Place some Christmas trees at the entrance and other areas of the church interior. Decorate them with mistletoe, holy, and ivy plants.

  • Use twinkling lights, Christmas ornaments, and tinsels to adorn the Christmas trees.

  • Hang branches of fern and spruce trees on the walls of the church.

  • Place a wreath made of Holly on the pulpit, and decorate the stage with a series of evergreen vines.

  • While you adorn the church with evergreens, just keep in mind that cut branches don’t remain green longer. So, it is better to start the decorations with these plants just 2 days prior to the church services being held.


Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Christmas decorations gives your Christmas celebration an ethnic touch. Vintage Christmas decorations are just one more arena which has suddenly become acceptable and is gradually becoming the most stylish way to decorate for the Christmas.

  • Few years ago red and green Santa Claus and elf candle holder was quite like part of traditional celebration. But now they are considered campy. They are now used for the the theme decoration.

  • The silver candlesticks are very old fashioned so the wooden sleigh in the garden. But if you want the vintage Christmas decorations then you will have to bring some elements from the past.

  • You will have to first select the era you are going to take as theme. You can choose the Victorian or retro era. Then the accessories for the decoration is going to be select on the basis of the theme. May be you possessed a collection of old family heirlooms that includes a silver tea set or even just a silver tray; they can be used for the ethnic table decoration.

  • If you have old crystal bowls which can become elegant starter bowls or can also be placed into a centerpiece with candlestick and greenery. Then the candlelight makes cut crystal shine like snowflakes — a truly passionate way to make a vintage Christmas celebration.

  • Another simple but elegant vintage decoration idea is to paint your home with white color and hang the maroon silk curtains from the window and doors with the large golden bow attached with it. Along with this use red and white roses to decorate the big size vases.

  • Overall it is quite easy to see that there are many different ideas that can be gained from using a vintage Christmas decoration, and so if you like to have a vintage Christmas decoration then you should make sure that you bring it out for Christmas. For any kind of help is the best place to hang on.


Clothespin Angels
Pretty Christmas ornaments add color and sparkle to the bleak winter season. Purchasing Christmas decorations is quite the task as the markets are packed with and the prices are very steep. A great alternative to all this is handcrafted Christmas crafts. These handmade Christmas decorations look very beautiful and have a genuine personal touch. One of the most popular handmade Christmas crafts is clothespin angels.

  • Making clothespin angels is very easy, this simple craft takes about less than an hour to make.

  • Creating clothespin angels is so easy that you can make them with your children with some supervision. Since making a clothespin angel is so easy and so much fun you can make plenty and create a pile of angels in a jiffy.

  • These cute clothespin angels can be clipped anywhere you want. You can clip these pretty angels on your Christmas tree, Christmas gifts, around the house as Christmas decorations and on your lapel as a Christmas ornament.

The craft materials you will need while making a clothespin angel are:-  

Craft materials

  • Yellow construction paper

  • Roll of masking tape

  • Gum

  • Paper plate

  • Flat wooden spoon of 4 inches each

  • Clothespins

  • Milk cap

Method :

To make an clothespin angel, cut a paper plate into eight parts and trim the ends. To get the shape for your halo, place a milk cap on yellow construction paper. Now you have to make the wings by tracing a roll of masking tape on the construction paper. After that cut the resulting circle into two halves. To put together the angel, glue the created halo onto the large end of your flat spoon and then glue the wings to the back of one of the cut out paper plates. Stick the angel’s body to the spoon with glue, and finally then stick the angel to the clothespin. These were the simple steps to making a lovely clothespin angel.

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are one of the most important parts of Christmas. The Christmas celebrations are incomplete with out Christmas ornaments for the home and for the Christmas tree. To get truly unique Christmas decorations which are economical and of a good quality make them yourself. Handcrafted Christmas decorations are very beautiful and adds a personal touch to the Christmas decorations. Among them the most popular handmade Christmas craft is the away in a manger craft.

Making the away in the manger scene sounds elaborate but it is actually surprisingly simple.
The craft materials you will need are:-

  • Glue

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • 4 to 8 feet hair-colored yarn

  • 4 unrolled jumbo cotton balls

  • 8 feet of skin-colored worsted-weight yarn

  • 2 skin-colored pipe cleaners

  • 1 brown colored pipe cleaner

  • 20 feet of clothing-colored yarn

  • Black colored sequins for eyes


  • The time needed to finish making the away in the manger scene will be about 1 to 2 hours.

  • The people in the manger will be made by folding a pipe cleaner by half and turning the end into a quarter inch stem

  • For making the hair cut the yarn into 5 inch strands. Add more strands for a woman and less for a man. You can make the strands longer for a woman. Place the strands in the twisted part of the the stem and secure them.

  • Take another pipe cleaner and twist it around the neck of the first one to make the arms. Place a cotton ball in the center and secure it to make the body.

  • Wrap cotton around the pipe cleaner to give the shape of a head, body, legs and arms.

  • To make a stand for your figure wrap the brown colored pipe cleaner around the legs for a secure hold.

  • For skin wrap the skin colored yarn around the face and arms of the figure.

  • To finish wrap the brown colored yarn to give the body shape, pull the yarn tightly across the neck to give shape to the neck n shoulders.


Outdoor Christmas Decorations

When you are decorating your home for Christmas then make a plan to decorate your outdoor most brightly. Because this will the most attractive part of your decoration. Try to give a theme in your outdoor Christmas decoration which will add a extra flavor.

There are lot of themes from which you can choose one. They can be

  • Period-wise – Like you can take Victorian era or Retro theme

  • Favorite color – Here you should choose a color combination like;- red & white or red & green

  • Christmas character – There are lot of options. It can be Santa Claus, Elf, reindeer etc.

After this according to your theme the outdoor decoration should be designed. The things you should keep in minds for decoration,-

  • Christmas tree decorations

  • music

  • menu

  • party favors

  • invitations

  • and of course what to wear for the Christmas party to suit your theme and you are done.


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