Chocolatey Bourbon Biscuit Cake

Biscuit Cake
Chocolatey Bourbon Biscuit Cake

This cake recipe is a very easy and simple. It can be made from just 3 ingredients.Treat your kids to this delicious Chocolate Biscuit Cake on their special day.  Let’s begin!

You can make moist chocolatey cake using bourbon biscuits


  • Bourbon biscuits 35-36
  • Powdered sugar-1/2 cup
  • Baking powder -1tsp
  • Milk-1 1/2 cup (room temperature )
  • Milk chocolate compound
  • Whipping cream 1/2 cup
  • Garnish with chocolate chips, nuts, or fresh fruit


Start by crushing the bourbon biscuit cookies into a fine powder. From here, add in your powdered sugar and your baking powder. Blend the biscuits into powder in mixer.
Add milk in batches.
Mix together until it forms a moist batter. Put it in a greased microwave-safe pan lined with parchment paper. Pour in your batter and Tap the tray really good so that air bubbles if any will be removed.

Take a pressure cooker that is big enough to fit my cake mould in. To preheat the pressure cooker- I placed a wire rack on the base of the pressure cooker, closed the lid without the whistle and set it on a medium heat for about 10 minutes!

Once it’s out, check with a knife to make sure it comes out clean. In a separate bowl, put some chocolate and whipping cream together.
Microwave for 30 secs .Stir it well  then pour over the cake. Top with any garnishes you’d like and you’re all done!


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