Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese Lanterns
Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese do most of the decoration for Chinese New Year on New Year’s Eve, although people begin to decorate their houses around 10 days before Chinese New Year is a bright, colorful holiday.

This Chinese New Year’s Day, spend some time in decorating your home to give it a fresh look, and make a new beginning as you welcome the year of the dragon. Here is an overview of what Chinese New Year decorations you can use.

Symbolic decorations:

Red Envelopes
Auspicious Red Envelopes
  • It is a tradition to adorn the houses with blooming plants and flowers that are a symbol of growth and prosperity. The flowers used widely during this occasion are plum blossoms which are arranged with bamboo and pine springs.
  • This reflects the family gatherings that are organized on such occasions. The bamboo is the symbol of compatibility between two or more people.
  • Evergreen pine plants are also used for decorations, as they symbolize longevity. You can use plants like water lily, peony, and azalea to give your home a completely different look.

Tray of Togetherness:

candy tray
Tray of Togetherness
  • A special highlight of the Chinese New Year decorations is the candy tray.This is actually known as the tray of togetherness and it includes a variety of sweet treats and candies symbolizing good relationships between family members.


The items placed in the tray and the things that they symbolize are:

  • Candied melon – Good health and growth
  • Lychee nut – Strong family relationships
  • Cumquat – Prosperity (gold)
  • Red melon seed – Dyed red to symbolize happiness, truth, and sincerity
  • Lotus seed – Many children
  • Peanuts – Long life
  • Coconut – Togetherness
  • These items are arranged in the tray in an octagon or a circle. This is followed by the family members placing a red envelope with a gift of money at the center of the tray. This gift is known as “Lai See”.

Using fresh fruits:

fresh fruits
Using fresh fruits

Oranges and tangerines are used for home decor on Chinese New Year, as these are considered to be a sign of abundant happiness. The tangerines with their leaves symbolize strong family ties and bonding.

Adorn your home with animal figures:

  • Every New Year in the Chinese calendar is symbolized by an animal figure. So, Chinese New Year decorations often include animal figures for adorning the houses.
  • You can use Dog shaped danglers. These danglers can be hung along the hallway or close to the entryway.

Chinese lanterns:

Chinese lanterns

You can choose Chinese lanterns made of bright red and golden paper that’s adorned with fabric tassels.This can serve as a fantastic piece of decoration for the ceilings. Classic accordion style lanterns in red and yellow, with printed Asian flowers and string tassels, are a popular choice for Chinese New Year decorations. Red and golden colors are considered as auspicious by the Chinese and they feel that these colors bring good luck and prosperity to one’s life.

Table decorations:
Red colored table cloth, and golden napkins and plates serve as the perfect items to give a festive look to your table. You can use a dragon figurine made of bold red and golden colors as the table centerpiece.As an alternative, you can go for a centerpiece with shiny metallic cutouts in red and golden colors. The Chinese characters of health, wealth, good luck, happiness, and longevity are often printed on these cutouts. These centerpieces often have a golden string attached at its top so that they can be hung over the table.

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